Adventures with the Wife in Space

Neil loves Sue. He also loves Doctor Who. But can he bring his two great loves together? And does he have the right?


One of the oddities of Doctor Who is that you hear so much about what the fans think, and so little from the other 100 percent of the audience (my stats are clinically accurate). So thank God for a couple who put love on the line to set the record straight. This is the story of a fan boy who inflicts every episode ever made of Doctor Who on his marriage. Or to put it another way, this is the story of someone with a proper love and understanding of Doctor Who, trying to explain it to her husband. – Steven Moffat

Neil Perryman’s book is simply a delight – the genuinely funny and rather moving memoir of much more than an obsession. Anyone who has been a child, or tried to make a relationship work, or been embarrassed by a personal passion will find much to love. And if you know what a zeus plug is, or how to reverse its polarity, then you’ll be happy too. – A.L. Kennedy

All Doctor Who fans and their spouses should buy this book. It will save them years of expensive therapy. – Matthew Sweet

This is a very, very funny book; touching too. – Jenny Colgan

Hysterically funny and also surprisingly moving, it’s a definitive celebration of how fantastic Doctor Who is, even when it’s a bit rubbish. – Joseph Lidster

Wonderfully excruciating… – Paul Magrs

Affectionate, accurate and funny. – Toby Hadoke

It’s the story of a guy sharing his weird love with his equally weird wife. It is not a good Doctor Who book; it’s a good book period. – Philip Sandifer

Thoughtful, funny and honest. – Two-minute Time Lord

This is one of the best Doctor Who books on shelves for the 50th and is absolutely essential reading for even the Not-We – Starburst Magazine

A warped but wonderful ménage à trois… Five stars. – Sci Fi Now Magazine

Surprisingly moving… Four stars. – SFX Magazine

A light read that touches on some deep issues. – Den of Geek

A book without precedent in Doctor Who publishing. – Doctor Who Magazine

A must for fans and anyone who wants to understand relationships. – The Daily Mail

Better than one of Ingeborg Pertwee’s books. – John Williams

Lovely. – Mark Ayres

It’s a bit weird – but quite good. – Neil’s Mum