Adventures with the Wife in Space

The blog returns Thursday March 26th for 13 weeks…


Wife in Space Volume 1Our next book, The Miserable Git: The Wife in Space Volume 1 is now available to pre-order as an ebook from Amazon. It should be available to pre-order from Smashwords and iBooks soon. It’s released on March 26t – the same day we return to tackle the Eccleston era – and it collects the first six months of the blog (the Hartnell Years plus two very silly movies). It’s also packed with extras, including four blogs that weren’t published online (An Adventure in Space and Time, An Unearthly Child Redux, Marco Polo Redux and Galaxy 4 Redux), episode annotations, exclusive illustrations, a new interview with Sue and a foreword by Rob Shearman.

A small number of limited edition paperbacks will be available to buy from our new shop which I hope to launch in April.

And if you backed this book via Kickstarter, you’ll receive your books as soon as they’re released in March. Please check your Kickstarter account for further details and updates. Thanks.


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The Wife in Space Volume 1

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