Earlier this week, just as I was about to head into town, I jokingly suggested to Sue that she watch Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD on her own. Watching Doctor Who with me is one thing – but watching it alone? That would be hardcore (just don’t mention the “m-word”).

I expected her to throw a cushion at me but, and not for the first time, she surprised me by acquiescing without a fight. She even allowed me to record her thoughts so I could write them up for this blog later. So, after hooking her up to the equipment we usually reserve for podcasting, I left Sue with one simple instruction. Just keep talking.

I half-expected to come back to 80 minutes of silence, punctuated by the odd “that’s crap” or “that doesn’t count”, but instead I received a veritable smorgasbord of tasty tidbits. And she didn’t even need Toby Hadoke to moderate her, although alcohol was definitely involved.

These are just the edited highlights (if you would like Sue to stay an enigma, don’t watch it)…




  1. Jazza1971  December 11, 2011

    Pure class!

    Top three moments (in no particular order)

    1) “Terry ****ing Nation”

    2) “Neil Tennant’s reign”

    3) In-depth discussion on latex allergies

  2. Emma Kennedy  December 31, 2011

    Brilliant! Glad to see I’m not the only one who tells the characters what they ought to be doing.

    Thoughts of Dalek Health and Safety Officers made me laugh.

    I reckon that the yellow Dalek spaceship was actually Starbug from Red Dwarf…

    Terry ****ing Nation!