The Scores

Here are Sue’s scores for Pertwee’s stories in reverse order (and in transmission order when tied):

The Monster of Peladon: “Tedious.” – 2/10
The Daemons: “It didn’t know what it wanted to be.” – 4/10
The Curse of Peladon: “Peladon is a shit-hole.” – 4/10
The Mind of Evil: ” The Master is rubbish.” – 5/10
The Three Doctors: “I need to watch it again.” – 5/10
Planet of the Daleks: “Average.” – 5/10
Death to the Daleks: “The music killed it.” – 5/10
The Ambassadors of Death: “Too long!” – 6/10
Colony in Space: “It went a bit mad towards the end.” – 6/10
Frontier in Space: “I can’t believe it isn’t over yet.” – 6/10
The Claws of Axos: “This would definitely work today.” – 7/10
The Sea Devils: “One of the better Pertwees” – 7/10
The Mutants: “I enjoyed that.” – 7/10
The Time Warrior: “Just stick your finger in his vent!” – 7/10
Planet of the Spiders: “I won’t be disappointed to see him go” – 7/10
Inferno: “The alternative reality was fascinating.” – 8/10
Terror of the Autons: “Short. Colour. Nice.” – 8/10
The Time Monster: “A good end to the season.” – 8/10
Invasion of the Dinosaurs: “Quite edgy.” – 8/10
Doctor Who and the Silurians: “Excellent.” – 9/10
Day of the Daleks: “What’s not to like?” – 9/10
Carnival of Monsters: “Very good indeed.” – 9/10
The Green Death: “Very adult in places.” – 9/10
Spearhead from Space: “Wonderful.” – 10/10


The Podcast

And now, as promised, and in a change to the usual Q&A session, here is a very special Wife in Space Podcast:

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Sadly, we couldn’t use everything we received (the podcast would be more than 90 minutes long), so I’ve held some material back for another podcast I have planned for later. Sue was especially knocked out by the songs, and she has decreed that all the song writers should win a mug, so if you could please drop me a line with your address and mug of choice, I’ll do the rest.

And finally, a very special thanks to the two Pauls.

We’ll be beginning the Tom Baker years on Monday, and the first update should be here on Tuesday.




  1. Lewis  March 17, 2012

    My God… 4 minutes in and dying of laughter!

    • Lewis  March 17, 2012

      Can this please happen a lot more often? The Uncle Tewwy impressionist should be a regular!

      • Matt Sharp  March 23, 2012

        Scary Uncle Bob would have to take over, though, and no one can do an impression of him as there’s no recording of his voice anywhere…

        Unless there’s one I don’t know about, in which case – what and where is it?

        • John Callaghan  March 23, 2012

          I’m putting my vote in early for Gabriel Woolf to voice Robert Holmes for the next podcast. We all know, deep down, that’s what Scary Bob sounds like.

  2. Andy Wilkinson  March 17, 2012

    “Death is the only thing that will stop us now” would be great on a mug. I’d buy that.

  3. Simon Harries  March 17, 2012

    WOW! In fact, “Bravo!! Bellissimo!!” as they say in Milan, and I found myself saying “Ahhh!” at the final comments. Wasn’t Mr Darrow superb too? And…er… well I could say more but I really, really fancy a BLT right now.

  4. Andrew Orton  March 17, 2012

    Brilliant work! Loved it. You gotta be careful.

    • Frankymole  March 19, 2012

      Why did everyone keep saying “you gotta be careful” about Sgt Benton? I didn’t get that bit.

      Otherwise – stunning! I listened to it twice last night. The songs were truly exceptional.

      • Neil Perryman  March 19, 2012

        It’s his stand-up comedy catchphrase.

        • Frankymole  March 19, 2012

          Good grief.

  5. James Armstrong  March 17, 2012

    Oh God!
    Bloody Marvellous !
    Thank you Neil, Sue and all the contributors. Need to listen again to recall ALL of the best bits, but first reactions – the Shanty and the electrosong at about 14 mins!
    Can’t wait for the weekly podcast now!

    • James Armstrong  March 17, 2012

      Oh, and the Tim Minchin … adaptation….!

  6. Andrew  March 17, 2012

    Hello all.

    I’m responsible for one of the tunes played here (‘Love Theme From “Wife In Space” a.k.a. “Terry F**kin’ Nation”‘).

    To be honest, if I’d realised the quality of stuff that had been contributed by other people I’d have been too shy to add my own. I’m humbled and genuinely honoured.

    Also – when I heard Paul Darrow’s voice I was so excited I think I may have pushed out a wee bit of poo.


    • Andrew  March 18, 2012

      Apologies for replying to my own comment, but just to clarify (who’d have known that ‘Terry F***kn’ Nation’ would have been such a Repeated Meme?):

      My tune was the electro effort at about 14 minutes.

  7. Patrick Sanders  March 17, 2012

    Excellent stuff, though listening to my brother impersonating Jon Pertwee was a little disturbing.

    • Dave Sanders  March 18, 2012

      You ham-fisted bun vendor! 🙂

  8. Patrick Sanders  March 18, 2012

    And tell Gary the Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria is much better than Shit-ges.

  9. Erik Stadnik  March 18, 2012

    This was brilliant, guys–clearly, you’ve made a lot of people laugh. Well done.

  10. BWT  March 18, 2012

    Just a thought… with *that* music – did John Williams manage to straighten up the room’s dutch angles when he adjusted the mirror?

    Oh, and that Uncoow Tewwy impewsonata should definitely be a wegula feecha, you zee…

    • Dave Sanders  March 20, 2012

      That’s Wob Sheawman if my guess is cowwect.

      • Neil Perryman  March 20, 2012

        No, it’s not Rob.

        • Dave Sanders  March 20, 2012

          Weawwy? Who is it then? I assume it’s the same impersonator from the Gallifrey con with Nev Fountain.

          • Neil Perryman  March 20, 2012

            Nope. It’s a friend of mine called PJ.

          • Dave Sanders  March 21, 2012

            He with the Magical Briefcase?

  11. Steve  March 18, 2012


    Sue’s answer about the sex life was my biggest laugh.

  12. Nancy Frye  March 18, 2012

    I only discovered Doctor Who less than a year ago. Through the kindness of a friend who has every episode possible on DVD, I started, alone, with Hartnell’s first episode. It was tough going at times, and I finally drifted to a halt before the end of the Hartnell years and jumped straight to the “re-boot” and the Eccleston episodes. It took some getting used to, but it grew on me and I’m a dedicated Who enthusiast now. Your experiment in spousal Who viewing is charming and always makes me giggle at some point during each blog entry. It’s like MST3k meets Joe Bob Briggs…with fewer boob jokes.

    I found you through Terry Lightfoot’s Facebook page. Thanks, Terry! Looking forward very much to future installments.

    Kingston, WA, USA

  13. Kev  March 18, 2012

    “So I had another garibaldi and wrote Robot,” was a genuine LOL moment for me.

    Great podcast, well done folks.

  14. Zoe  March 18, 2012

    Sublime. Especially the songs, the sex life, Paul Darrow and Terry ****ing Nation.

  15. Daniel Blythe  March 18, 2012

    “Terror of the Nations”! I want to watch that.

    I don’t even know who played Pigbin Josh!

    • James Armstrong  March 18, 2012

      Derek Ware of course.

      *sheepishly deletes browser history to remove links to google and Wikipedia*

  16. Newbunkle  March 18, 2012

    What an awesome way to end the Pertwee era. Many thanks for putting this together, it was great.

  17. John Callaghan  March 18, 2012

    This is absolutely wonderful. Well done everyone who contributed – I had a smile on my face for the whole time!

    So we’ve had videos and an audio presentation. What’s next for the end of the Baker era? Short film? Graphic novel? Wife In Space fragrance?

    The Midlands things does explain the crumpet/pikelet conundrum. (I’m from Hall Green in Birmingham.) This means that Stewart Lee, J. R. R Tolkien and Murray Walker also presumably call crumpets pikelets. OK, I’ll stop with this now. (Goes blue in the face as he tries to stop.)

    Actually, a suggestion for your next ‘special event’ would be to show Neil something that Sue loves but he’s never seen. Let’s see the mike on the other foot!

  18. Richard Lyth  March 18, 2012

    Brilliant stuff – love the songs, and the Terrance Dicks impression was hilarious! The Paul Darrow impression was rubbish, though, sounded nothing like him…

    • John Callaghan  March 18, 2012

      The question isn’t “will they make it to Timelash?”
      It’s “will they make it *past* Timelash?”!

      • Lewis  March 19, 2012

        They’ve made it past The Web Planet, The Dominators, The Mutants… amongst others… so hopefully! They’ve got a few Baker and Davison clunkers to get through yet though :p

      • Matt Sharp  March 19, 2012

        The combo of ‘The Twin Dilemma’ and ‘Attack of the Cybermen’ is probably the biggest threat to curtailing The Experiment.

        Remember, context is everything – ‘The Twin Dilemma’ following immediately after Caves made it seem EVEN WORSE than it did before, and ‘Timelash’ actually seemed quite fun compared to the rest of that dismal season.

        • John Callaghan  March 20, 2012

          Oh, I’d agree Timelash is jolly fun. If I had hair I’d bleach it blond and paint my skin blue. I think they should have gone the whole hog occasionally and just had a laugh with it. It would have made a fun Xmas episode.

          “I’m off to look around the city, Doctor.”
          “Don’t get captured, now, will you?”
          “Ho ho. As if!”
          (Two minutes later.)
          “Oh, I’m never going to hear the end of *this*…”

  19. Jeremy Phillips  March 18, 2012

    Hooray! That last song appeared suspiciously professional and also excellent.

  20. Marty  March 19, 2012

    Will this be a recurring feature? Can we look forward to another 4 podcasts?
    Or some throughout Tom Baker’s long run?

  21. Tarquin  March 19, 2012

    We want more malaise! The shanty is legend…… top marks to all.

  22. Andrew  March 19, 2012

    “It can’t get any worse” Oh dear me……

  23. Fred  March 19, 2012

    Paul Darrow was awesome!
    In fact, Paul Darrow IS awesome.
    They should have called the show Avon’s 7, even if it was created by Terry effin’ Nation. (At least it was a series he wanted to write for.)

  24. Ben Goudie  March 19, 2012

    Reading through The Wife in Space is exactly as enjoyable as watching the stories themselves – sometimes more-so. Doctor Who fandom is a huge and enjoyable culture, and this blog is its most exciting asset, so I’ve very much enjoyed listening to the podcast, and hearing your adventures so celebrated.

    It’s a strange and exciting experience, too, to record a song and hear it lead straight into an ex cathedra pronouncement by TV’s Paul Darrow. I’ve found all the songs here to be strangely moreish (and if anyone else wants to leap from song to song, I believe they start at 0.23, 2.02, 5.40, 9.23, 13.55, 21.10 and 26.00). I hope there are some more set aside for your next audio adventure.

    If I’d had to guess, by the way, I’d have assumed pikelets to be whitebait, or anybody begotten by the pirate captain in The Smugglers.

  25. Tangocow  March 19, 2012

    This is like radio, only way more fun.

  26. Dave Sanders  March 20, 2012

    To answer my own question: since Pertwee is *technically* in Bawwy and Tewwy’s last collective outing, I’d have given him the Palitoy tank from Robot.

    • Dave Sanders  March 20, 2012

      Oh, and the defining line of the podcast: “Beryl Reid in Doctor Who? Are you INSANE?”

  27. Siobhan Gallichan  March 21, 2012

    Oh you utter bastards! I’ve been podcasting for 5 years and listening to this makes me wonder why I ever bothered. Utterly superb. Brilliantly hilarious – and much admiration for your contributors too. What a bunch of talented gits. The spurts of Darrow made me laugh out loud, the Uncle Terrance, whilst coming very close to Frank Spencer at one stage, had me crying with laughter.

    Thanks. More please. I hate you.

  28. encyclops  March 21, 2012

    I absolutely loved this. I listened to it twice just to decide if that really was Paul Darrow, and while all the songs were brilliant I must admit I found myself singing last night about Barry Letts’ love of Chromakey. Top marks.

  29. Alisaunder  March 24, 2012

    Neil loved this podcast so much, but what was that song you spoke over at 30 minutes? And more Paul Darrow.