I thought long and hard about which version of Resurrection to screen. Should I make Sue watch the two-part double-length version transmitted by the BBC in 1984, or would the four-part edit that was originally planned by the production team be a better option? I went to Facebook and Twitter looking for advice and the following exchange really made me laugh:

John Williams: If you show her the 4-part version, I’ll petrol bomb the house.
Robert Dick: Show her the four parter but two episodes each night. And after part two explain to her why you insisted on watching two.
John Williams: It’s almost as if you want me to petrol bomb the house.

I decided to go with the two-part version. For the sake of the scientific accuracy, you understand. Nothing to do with my fear of John Williams (he knows where I live) or the chance to trick my wife into believing she might be in for an easy ride. No, of course not.

Part One

Sue: Hey, there’s only two episodes. Shall we knock both out tonight?

I shrug my shoulders and say nothing.

Sue clocks the title screen.

Resurrection of the DaleksSue: Ooh, Daleks. It’s always Something of the Daleks, isn’t it? I’m surprised you didn’t hide that from me.
Me: I’ve strung you along for the sake of a cheap gag far too many times. I’m going to be honest with you from now on.
Sue: There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.

There are so many celebrities in this particular story, I’m not going to quiz Sue every few minutes, I’ll let her call them out instead. Get your Resurrection of the Daleks bingo cards ready.

The story begins with the police gunning down people in cold blood.

Sue: What’s going on here, then? Is it a dystopian future where the police have a shoot to kill policy?
Me: It’s either that or the IRA dressed really strangely in the 1980s.

The policemen even kill a tramp.

Sue: Hey! He was only smoking a rollie! Jesus, that’s a bit harsh.

One of the survivors of this bloodbath is none other than.

Sue: Rodney! He’s the last person I expected to turn up in Doctor Who.

Having said that, Sue is really pleased with the way things have begun:

Sue: A decent director at last. You can tell by the camera movement, the angles and the lighting. This in a different league to what we usually get.

The leader of this death squad is Commander Lytton. He is played by Maurice Colbourne.

Resurrection of the DaleksSue: Oh, it’s him.
: Where do you know him from?
Sue: He was in that stupid Gangsters programme that you made me watch when we lived in the caravan. The one where they all turned to the camera at the end and gave up. That one.
Me: Stupid? STUPID? That’s even worse than what you said about Snakedance.

A bell is tolling on the TARDIS.

Sue: Oh no, it’s the Doomsday Bell.
Me: Cloister.
Sue: Same thing. If you hear it ring, things are going tits up.

Meanwhile, on a space station.

Sue: It’s Rula Lenska! Why is she working in the Clinique store at Fenwicks with the cast of Thunderbirds?

The Army turn up at the warehouse on Earth.

Sue: Oh good, it’s UNIT. I feel safer already.

Meanwhile, the crew of the space station chill out on the bridge.

Resurrection of the DaleksSue: Is she smoking? You wait ages for someone to turn up with a tab in their mouth and then two come along at once. The same goes for the casting of ethnic minorities in this show. This story is very progressive when it comes to its casting.
Me: I know. Letting a sitcom actor appear in straight drama was a risky move back then.

The TARDIS materialises beside the river Thames in 1984.

Sue: Tegan could visit her relations. Unless they’ve gone into hiding, that is.

The Doctor wants to investigate the source of the mysterious time corridor which managed to ensnare his ship earlier.

Sue: Why is the Doctor carrying a scroll around with him?
Me: That’s his hat.
Sue: Oh.

The location for this story meets with Sue’s approval.

Resurrection of the DaleksSue: I bet it’s really nice there now. I bet the house prices are extortionate.
Me: Yes, a consortium of Doctor Who fans bought up all the property. You can’t move for the ****ers now.

The Doctor bumps into Stein outside the warehouse.

Sue: Rodney isn’t a very good actor, is he? I think he’s out of his depth in this. Where’s Terry when you need him?

The space station is attacked by an alien battle cruiser. The invaders breach the airlock… It’s the Daleks!

Sue: Here they come… That was a very impressive entrance, actually. Very iconic. The direction certainly helped.

At one point, a hand-held tracking shot is used to crank up the tension.

Sue: There are other directors who wouldn’t have bothered panning, there. The direction is excellent. It’s little touches like that that make all the difference.

Resurrection of the DaleksThe Daleks release a gas canister – its impact on human physiognomy is horrific.

Sue: Not. For. Kids.

The crew of the space station are worried about the safety of their prisoner.

Me: Who do you think that might be?
Sue: Is it the Master? Don’t give me that look. He works with the Daleks, doesn’t he?

The Daleks exterminate anyone who stands in their way.

Sue: That Dalek just exterminated three people with one shot. Impressive.

The Doctor and his companions are interrogated by a bomb disposal unit who have been sent to investigate strange canisters in the warehouse. I’m sorry, but if you are pulling for Del Henney or Chloe Ashcroft, you are shit out of luck.

The space station’s prisoner is none other than…

Sue: Davros! How did I miss that? It’s obvious.
Me: I always thought it was a bit weird that they didn’t reveal Davros with a big scary close-up. He’s just sitting over there in the background. It’s weird.
Sue: It’s more frightening that way. The director has obviously thought it through. It can’t be accidental.

The antechamber leading to Davros’ cell is flooded with poisonous gas.

Sue: The make-up is horrific. This episode is a bloodbath. It’s complete carnage!

Resurrection of the DaleksSue admires the Dalek troopers’ uniforms.

Sue: I like the Dalek hats. It’s a good way for the Daleks to maintain strong brand awareness when they are out conquering the universe.

A Dalek appears in the warehouse on Earth via the time corridor. The Doctor tells the Army to aim for its eyepiece.

Me: My vision is impaired! I cannot see! My vision is impaired! I cannot see!
Sue: Shut up, Neil.
Me: Sorry.

The Doctor pushes the Dalek through a loading hatch. It falls to the street below.

Sue: It’s a bloody good job another tramp wasn’t standing outside when he did that. Great sequence, though. This is very exciting.

The Dalek Supreme promises to deal with the Doctor in due course.

Sue: His balls are too big.
Me: That’s one way of putting it, I suppose.

Resurrection of the DaleksDavros is looking forward to taking his rightful place as King of the Daleks.

Sue: Davros is great when he goes into one of his rants. He reminds me of you when you’re watching Question Time.

The Doctor searches for a Kaled mutant which has escaped from its casing.

Sue: Peter Davison shouldn’t be walking around with a gun. That’s not right.

Colonel Archer leaves the warehouse to call for reinforcements, but when he asks the local police for assistance, he gets a gun in his face.

Sue: How did they get away with that? Seriously, that’s a terrible message to send out to kids. Honestly.

Back on the space station, a technician named Kiston is making repairs to Davros’ chair.

Resurrection of the DaleksSue: That isn’t Dirty Den, is it? It can’t be. Is it?
Sue: What?
Me: Nothing. Yes, it’s Leslie Grantham. This was his second acting job, I believe. He hadn’t been out of prison long.
Sue: Incredibly, hiring a convicted murderer wasn’t the worst thing the BBC did in the 1980s.

The Doctor continues his hunt for the Kaled mutant, but he uncovers something else instead.

Sue: Awww, bless, it’s a little kitten. Pop it in your pocket and take it with you. You could call it Adric.

The Doctor blasts a Kaled mutant to bits with his revolver.

Sue: That doesn’t feel right. The Doctor shouldn’t be Dirty Harry. He’s surrounded by soldiers – let them to the dirty work.

Stein doesn’t want to return to the Daleks’ ship.

Sue: I’ve only just realised that Rodney Bewes is putting on a stutter. I thought he was just ****ing his lines up. I can’t tell whether he’s good or not now.

A soldier has been bitten by the Kaled mutant.

Resurrection of the DaleksLaird: It was caused by an alien. We don’t know what infection may have entered his bloodstream.
Me: Maybe Little Ted knows a song about alien viruses.
Sue: What the hell are you talking about?
Me: That’s Chloe Ashcroft from Play School. You probably won’t remember her because you’re too old.

I duck as a cushion sails by.

Sue: She looks like she’d rather be on Greenham Common.

Davros is glad to be out and about again.

Davros: Ninety years I was frozen in that. Ninety years of mind-numbing boredom!
Sue: I know the feeling, mate, and I’ve only been doing this for two years.

I throw the cushion back at her.

Sue: I’m only joking. If only they were all as good as this.

Lytton tells Davros that the Doctor’s capture is imminent.

Davros: Excellent!
Sue: Seriously, who holds the copyright on that catchphrase?

Three Daleks prepare to enter the time corridor.

Sue: Even the Daleks have been choreographed. Who directed this?
Me: Matthew Robinson. He’s new.
Sue: He’s brilliant.
Me: Somebody should tell him that one day. He’s very modest.

In fact, Sue is enjoying Resurrection of the Daleks so much…

Sue: I wish this story was four parts instead of two.

Resurrection of the DaleksThe episode concludes when the Doctor and Stein arrive on the Daleks’ battle cruiser in the TARDIS. But there’s a twist.

Stein: I serve the Daleks. I’m a Dalek agent.
Sue: Noooooooo! Rodney, you b-b-b-b-bastard!

The credits roll.

Me: Did you enjoy that?
Sue: Very much. I don’t understand why it felt so long, though. It can’t have been the direction. Maybe I’m just tired.

I tell her the truth. Not that I lied earlier. Not really.

Me: Don’t blame me. Blame Torvill and Dean.

Part Two

Resurrection of the DaleksWe are introduced to the space station’s self-destruct mechanism.

Sue: It looks like a giant game of Frustration.

The Doctor is led to the Daleks’ duplication room. He tries to reason with Stein.

Stein: It is unwise to provoke the Daleks, Doctor.
Sue: Terry wouldn’t be happy if he saw Bob wearing an ear-ring.

The Doctor is instructed to lie on a bed made from bubble wrap.

Sue: Stand-by for some undignified popping.


Sue: I was only joking!

The Daleks show off some duplicates of Tegan and Turlough they made earlier.

Resurrection of the DaleksSue: Who would you make a duplicate of, Neil?
Me: I’m not going to answer that question on the grounds that it will probably incriminate me.
Sue: I would make a duplicate of you.
Me: That’s sweet.
Sue: Yeah, one that didn’t make me watch Doctor bloody Who.

Tegan digs up a canister that has been buried inside the warehouse.

Sue: Why is the virus here on Earth in the first place? This bit doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
Me: I’ve seen this dozens of times and it still doesn’t make any sense to me.

The Daleks plan on sending duplicates of the Doctor and his companions to Gallifrey where they will assassinate the High Council of the Time Lords.

Sue: Things are very complicated all of a sudden. Where the hell did that come from?

Stein fights against his Dalek programming.

Resurrection of the DaleksSue: I get it now. Rodney’s performance almost makes sense. Almost.

She is certain of one thing, though:

Sue: Rula Lenska is bloody brilliant in this. She’d be a great companion. I hope she makes it out of this story alive. I love her blasé attitude to everything that’s going on around her.

Tegan escapes from the warehouse but she is immediately intercepted by Lytton’s policemen. They silence a beachcomber with a bullet, just to be on the safe side.

Sue: He wasn’t even looking in their direction. Is that the most pointless death in Doctor Who‘s history?
Me: Apart from Adric’s, you mean? Possibly.

The Doctor is hooked up to the Daleks’ brain pattern recorder.

Sue: The Doctor has a lot of fillings.

Resurrection of the DaleksThe policeman escort Tegan back to the warehouse.

Sue: They’re going to charge her with soliciting.

The Dalek troopers shoot Rula Lenska dead.

Sue: NO! They can’t do that. She’s Rula Lenska!

Minutes later, Chloe Ashcroft bites the dust as well.

Sue: They’re dropping like nine pins.

The Doctor’s ex-companions flash before his eyes. Sue audibly reacted to the following faces: Adric (“Awwww”), Romana I (“Ahhh”), K9 (“K9!”), Sarah Jane (“Ahhh”), and the Brig (“Yay!”).

Me: Did you notice anything wrong with that montage?

Sue: No. Did they get the order wrong?
Me: No. Have another look at it.

Resurrection of the DaleksI replay the scene.

Sue: Oh yes, someone’s missing… There’s no Leela. What happened?
Me: Ian Levine happened.

Liston has some good news for Davros.

Liston: The Daleks have secured the self-destruct chamber. The station is safe.
Sue: I keep expecting Leslie Grantham to finish his sentences with ‘Princess’. (as Kiston) “The Daleks have taken the Doctor prisoner, Princess”.

Tegan and Turlough are reunited.

Sue: Turlough can’t take his eyes off Tegan’s tits. One glance. And another. And one more for luck. Get a room!

And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for. A moment so gobsmacking, Sue will insist that we watch it again. And again. And again.

Sue: I can’t tell if Rodney is brilliant or dreadful. I really can’t.

The time has come for the Doctor to pop a cap in Davros’ ass…

Sue: No way. Let Rodney kill Davros instead. Don’t get your hands dirty.

Resurrection of the DaleksThe Doctor and Davros face off. It’s an electrifying scene and Sue doesn’t have any fingernails when its finished.

Sue: That was a great scene. That was ****ing tense.

Sadly, it’s here that Sue loses her grip on the plot.

Sue: There’s too much going on. I can’t tell who’s working for who any more. I can’t stand the confusion in my mind.

Two Daleks are sent to the warehouse to kill the duplicate soldiers.

Sue: Right in the balls. Nasty.

The last one to die screams his lungs out.

Sue: He was going for his Equity Card.

And the deaths keep on mounting up.

Sue: They’re running out of cast members. Still, at least it simplifies the plot, which I still don’t understand. I’m just going with it now. I don’t know which Dalek is which.

Resurrection of the DaleksStein reaches the self-destruct chamber. He puts his hands on his hips and sighs.

Sue: Yes, it’s the weirdest performance in Doctor Who so far. No doubt about it.

Stein struggles to make sense of the controls.

Sue: This is you trying to use the washing machine, Neil.

Back at the warehouse, the Doctor uses packs of explosives to destroy the Daleks.

Sue: He’s too much like Rambo. I don’t like it.

Davros unleashes his virus and the Daleks succumb to its effects.

Sue: Ooh, he’s excited!

In the heat of the battle, Lytton takes out of one his own men.

Sue: Ooh, a red light in the face. Nasty.

The warehouse is steeped in death, thanks to the Doctor’s decision to unleash another canister of the Movellan virus.

Sue: Maybe he’s finally had enough of the Daleks after all this time. It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

The Dalek Supreme appears on the TARDIS scanner screen. He claims to have control over an army of duplicates who have infiltrated key positions on Earth.

Me: That explains the Tory government in 1984, then.

Stein is shot by a Dalek.

Sue: Rodney, you plonker.

But he still comes good when he belly flops onto the self-destruct button.

Sue: That was… different.

Lytton and his men walk off into the sunset.

Sue: Eh? Where the hell do they think they’re going?

Resurrection of the DaleksTegan’s snap decision to stay on Earth makes Sue gasp.

Sue: Oh no.

You could have heard a pin drop during the leaving scene. Until:

Sue: Don’t tell me she’s changed her mind again!

But she’s too late.

Tegan: Brave heart, Tegan. Doctor, I will miss you.

The credits roll.

Sue: That was really sad. And bleak. I didn’t like Tegan at all at first but I don’t want her to go now. It won’t be the same without her.
Me: I’m sorry, I think I’ve accidentally got something in my eye.

The Score

Sue: The script let it down. It was too complicated. It would have been on for a 9 or a 10 if I’d followed the plot. It was needlessly complex. But it looked great, and the actors were really good, too. Even Rodney was entertaining. The direction, the music, and the sets – they were all top-notch. I really enjoyed it.


That’s about six marks more than I would have given it. But who cares what I think?

Me: So, what did you think of the 45-minute format?
Sue: I think I preferred it. You can really get into it when you don’t have the breaks.

Coming Soon