The Scores

Here are Sue’s scores for all the Davison episodes in reverse order (and in transmission order when tied):

Four to Doomsday: “Tedious bollocks.” – 1/10
Time-Flight: “I’d like to give the captain one.” – 1/10
Black Orchid: “Peter’s right. It’s rubbish.” – 2/10
The Visitation: “That was crap.” – 3/10
Terminus: “A shambles.” – 3/10
The Awakening: “The plot wasn’t good enough.” – 3/10
Warriors of the Deep: “It pulled itself together at the end.” – 4/10
Snakedance: “Nothing special.” – 5/10
The King’s Demons: “Rushed.” – 5/10
Kinda: “I like it but I didn’t understand it.” – 7/10
Arc of Infinity: “I can’t forgive the chicken.” – 7/10
The Five Doctors: “That was fun.” – 7/10
Frontios: “They were trying to do something different.” – 7/10
Planet of Fire: “Gorgeous locations.” – 7/10
Castrovalva: “Quite profound in places.” – 8/10
Resurrection of the Daleks: “Needlessly complex but fun.” – 8/10
Earthshock: “Excellent.” – 9/10
Mawdryn Undead: “Very, very good.” – 9/10
Enlightenment: “Hire more women.” – 9/10
The Caves of Androzani: “Fabulous.” – 9/10

The Podcast

And now, as promised, here is a very special Wife in Space Podcast:

Song credits
: ‘The Trouble with Regeneration’ by Andrew Torrance, ‘The Sight of Nyssa’s Thighs’ by Dave Sanders, ‘The Fanwise Epic’ by John Callaghan, ‘Sue’ by Alexander Kershaw, ‘Forever In Your Debt’ by Peter Lack, and ‘Sad Doctor Who Theme’ by Alison Eales.

Thanks to everyone who sent us stuff to use. I’m really sorry that we couldn’t use everything. However, you will get an acknowledgement in the book. Cheers.

Extra special thanks to Paul Jones.

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