The TV Movie was the first brand new Doctor Who I ever watched with Sue, and she never missed another episode from that point on. So it seems appropriate to finish where we started, all those years ago. We have, of course, drezzzzed for the occasion. She’s wearing her Pip and Jane T-shirt and I’m wearing a bath robe with the collar turned up.

Sue: Before we start, does this count?
Me: For the last time – yes, it counts!
Sue: What’s it called?
Me: It doesn’t have a title. It’s just The TV Movie.
Sue: Really? That’s the best they could come up with? The TV Movie? What kind of title is that?
The Doctor: It was on the planet Skaro that my old enemy the Master was finally put on trial…
Sue: Ooh, is it the Master?

The renegade Time Lord has been placed in an extermination chamber.

The TV MovieSue: That’s a shit Dalek.
Me: That isn’t a Dalek. It’s the Master.
Sue: Can we start this again, please? I’m lost already. It’s moving too fast and I can’t take it all in.

I rewind the prologue.

Sue: But he looks nothing like the Master!
Me: And they sound nothing like the Daleks. Get your priorities straight, woman!

Cue titles.

Sue: Ooh, I like this. It’s epic. It reminds me of the new series a lot. I bet you must have loved this.

The seventh Doctor makes sure that the Master is safely under lock and key in his TARDIS…

Sue: I like his new suit. He should have dressed like that from the very beginning. So where’s Ace?

The Doctor has redecorated.

The TV MovieSue: Nice TARDIS. It reminds me of the wooden one he used to have, but this one is massive. I love the wooden floors.

The Doctor relaxes with a good book and a bowl of jelly babies.

Sue: He looks like he’s mellowed a bit. We never see the Doctor with his feet up reading a book. He’s usually running around like an idiot.

And then all hell breaks loose and the Doctor runs around like an idiot.

Sue: The direction is fantastic. We could be watching the new series.

The Master has escaped.

Sue: But I thought he was dead? Unless it was a trap. The Doctor should have seen that coming. Maybe he’s mellowed too much.

The TARDIS is forced to land in San Francisco in 1999. Unfortunately for the Doctor, he walks straight into a hail of bullets.

The TV MovieSue: What? He can’t die like that. That’s rubbish! How did he survive this long?

Something leaks out of the TARDIS keyhole onto the floor.

Sue: So the Master is a puddle, now?
Me: Yes.
Sue: How?
Me: I don’t bloody know.
Sue: Well you should bloody know. Being a puddle is definitely a new low for the Master.

The Doctor is examined at the local hospital.

Sue: Typical. You wait ages for a Doctor to get his shirt off and it’s Sylvester bloody McCoy.

Meanwhile, puddle-Master finds its way into a paramedic’s jacket.

Sue: That’s far too big for him. He needs to find a sock.

There’s confusion in the hospital regarding the number of hearts this patient has.

Salinger: We’re getting another machine up. It’ll take about another half hour.
Sue: Just use a ****ing stethoscope, you moron!

The TV MovieGrace Holloway is the cardiologist on call that night, but as she prepares to operate, the Doctor wakes up.

Grace: We’ve already taken out all the bullets, and now we’re going to listen to your heart.
Sue: With a ****ing scalpel? Come on!

Grace’s actions end up killing the Doctor.

Sue: Come on, then. Regenerate. What are you waiting for? I’ll tell you what, though. That was bloody exciting.

It turns out that the Master is actually a translucent cobra.

Sue: How?
Me: For the last time, I don’t know!

The Master rams himself down a paramedic’s throat.

Sue: Not for kids. Or many adults, probably.

The TV MovieAs the Master claims his new body, the Doctor regenerates.

Sue: The Frankenstein thing is very clever. You must have loved this, Neil. It’s brilliant.

The eighth Doctor takes his first breath.

Sue: He’ll be chuffed to bits when he finds out that he looks like Paul McGann. Just you wait until he finds a mirror. He won’t be able to tear himself away.

The Doctor kicks down a door in the mortuary.

Me: They should have put the number 8 on that door. I’ve never really forgiven them for that.

The Doctor wanders the hospital in search of his identity.

The TV MovieSue: It’s beautifully shot. Very modern.

The Doctor finds himself in a disused wing of the hospital.

Sue: Has the hospital been hit by a bomb? Have we missed a scene?
Sue: This is ****ing excellent.

The Doctor finds an inordinately long multi-coloured scarf in a locker.

Sue: What are the chances of that?
Me: Somebody must be going to a fancy dress party as the fourth Doctor. It’s the only explanation.

The Master murders the poor paramedic’s wife.

The TV MovieSue: So he doesn’t hypnotise people any more? Even with those green eyes of his? Has he really stopped pissing about and he actually means business this time?

Grace falls out with her boss.

Sue: Grace has a serious pen fetish.

Grace resigns rather than cover-up the Doctor’s mysterious death and disappearance.

Sue: I like Grace. She’s got morals. I also like the work tops in this hospital. Very Farrow & Ball.
Me: Don’t ever change, love.

The Master arrives at the hospital in search of his arch-nemesis.

Sue: It’s turned into The Terminator, now. That’s not really the Master’s style, though, is it? I’m not sure how I feel about this.

The Doctor convinces Grace that he is the same man that she killed the night before, and she agrees to take him home with her. Yes, I know.

The TV MovieSue: Now this is more like it. Paul McGann with his shirt off.
Me: What do you think of him so far.
Sue: Hmmmm… What? Sorry, I was distracted by his chest.
Me: I think that answers my question.

Chang Lee finds the Master in the Doctor’s TARDIS.

Sue: What I like about this TARDIS is that it’s really huge but it’s still cosy at the same time. I don’t know why he didn’t keep it like this. Maybe it was a bugger to keep clean.

The Master convinces Chang Lee to help him defeat the Doctor.

Sue: He can never do anything on his own, can he? He always has to team-up with somebody. And I bet he’ll be betrayed at the end. He’s an idiot.

The Doctor and Grace go for a walk. The Doctor remembers Gallifrey and then…

The Doctor: These shoes! They fit perfectly.
Sue: He’s great, isn’t he?

The TV MovieThe Master sweetens his deal with Chang Lee with the help of the Doctor’s supply of gold dust.

Sue: Is that in case he runs into any Cybermen?
Me: You complete and utter fan.
Sue: Shut up.

The Master escorts Chang Lee to the TARDIS cloister room, which contains the Eye of Harmony.

Sue: We only saw the Eye of Harmony the other week in the new series. It didn’t look like that.

When the Eye of Harmony opens, the Doctor remembers who he is and kisses Grace.

Me: There was a time when this was controversial.
Sue: Why? It wasn’t a sexy kiss.

The Doctor goes back for seconds.

The TV MovieSue: Okay, now that was a sexy kiss.

Sue’s not bothered, though.

Sue: He does it all the time now. I wonder if he’ll keep doing it if he regenerates into an ugly actor.

The Eye of Harmony shows a projection of the Doctor’s seventh body.

Sue: They should have shown all the Doctors. That was a wasted opportunity.
Me: Seriously, you’ve gone full-blown fan, now.

The Eye shows a projection of the new Doctor.

Chang Lee: He’s so young.
Sue: You ain’t seen nothing yet, mate.

The TV MovieAnd then the Master drops a bombshell:

The Master: The Doctor is half human!
Sue: Eh? Since when?

I pause the DVD.

Me: What do you make of that, then?
Sue: It makes sense, I suppose.
Sue: Well, he’s obsessed with Earth. He can’t keep away from the place. Why isn’t he saving Mars every week? There has to be a reason for it and that’s a good enough reason as any.
Me: I take it all back, you’re not a fan after all.
Sue: He’s like Spock. Maybe that’s why he left Gallifrey. Maybe all his friends were picking on him for being half-human and he got fed up with it and buggered off?

When we resume, the penny drops for the Doctor.

The Doctor: It’s a trap. Don’t you see? It’s a trap!
Sue: Are the Daleks in on it as well? When are they going to show up?

The TV MovieGrace decides to do a runner.

Sue: He can’t be that good a kisser, then.

But the Doctor has some grave news:

The Doctor: By midnight tonight, this planet will be pulled inside out.
Sue: I really like Grace’s wooden chairs.

The Doctor, Grace, the Master and Chang-Lee all end up in the same ambulance together. However, the road conditions are pretty foul.

Sue: Is the Eye of Harmony making it rain chickens?

The Doctor escapes from the Master and he threatens to shoot himself unless a traffic cop hands over his motorcycle.

Sue: He’s very good, isn’t he? He should have been given a series. It’s not fair.

When a thrilling chase ensures, I sing along to the incidental music.

The TV MovieSue: I really like the music. There’s a Keffishness to it, with all those der-der-der stings, but it sounds so much better with a proper orchestra. This is what Keff would have sounded like if he’s been given enough money.

And then Sue said this:

Sue: I don’t think that any non-fans would have enjoyed this. It’s too wrapped up in the past to appeal to a new audience. I bet the fans loved it, though.
Me: Do you like it?
Sue: Yes. It’s great.

I’m saying nothing.

The Doctor and Grace arrive at Institute of Technological Advancement and Research.

Me: What I don’t understand is why the Doctor needs a beryllium atomic clock in the first place.
Sue: He needs it to fix his TARDIS. He told us that right at the beginning. Do keep up, Neil.

The TV MovieThe Doctor backs up the Master’s claim about his parentage.

The Doctor: I’m half human. On my mother’s side.
Sue: Yes, that definitely makes a lot of sense.

The Doctor and Grace steal the clock and escape with the help of a fire hose.

Sue: I’d have been well chuffed if I was a fan and I saw this in 1996. This is just as good as the new series. Hey, maybe we could do the new series after all?
Me: Don’t you start.

A police motorcycle accidentally ends up in the TARDIS.

Sue: Ha! That was brilliant.

And that’s why we won’t be doing the new series.

Sue: Ooh, it’s the cloister bell. That’s not good.

Grace doesn’t say “It’s bigger on the inside…”

Grace: That would explain the spatial displacement we experienced as we passed over the threshold.
Sue: I love Grace. She’s the perfect companion. She’s funny, clever, and she has impeccable taste in chairs.

The TV MovieThe TARDIS ceiling doubles as a planetarium.

Sue: ****ing hell, I bet Matt Smith is well jealous of that.

The Doctor has a plan:

The Doctor: We pre-set the coordinates just as I divert the power from within the Eye itself into the time rotor here.
Me: Are you following this?
Sue: No.
Me: Do you care?
Sue: No.

Grace is possessed by the Master’s spit and she knocks the Doctor unconscious.

Sue: Naughty Daphne. She suits those eyes, though. It’s a good look for her.

The TV MovieThe Master has changed into some Gallifreyan robes.

Me: How camp is that!
Sue: You say that as if the Master has never been camp before. And you know that would be silly.

Meanwhile, Earth is partying like it’s 1999.

Sue: And no one mentioned the millennium bug once. How weird is that? The Master should have been responsible for the millennium bug, so when nothing happened, we could have thanked the Doctor. That would have been a much better story.

The Master chews the scenery.

Me: You must admit that he’s a bit over the top.
Sue: And John Simm wasn’t? Give your head a shake, lad.

The Master kills Chang Lee in a fit of pique.

The TV MovieSue: Oh no! I really liked him. He was a likeable Adric.
Me: Likeable? He was working for the Master, he stole the Doctor’s things, and he tried to shoot some poor sod with a handgun in the first five minutes.
Sue: He was still more likeable than Adric.

The Master sucks his evil spit out of Grace with a kiss.

Sue: Blimey, they’re all at it, now.

As the Master steals the Doctor’s remaining lives, Grace tries to turn the TARDIS into an alarm clock.

Grace: Temporal orbit? What’s a temporal orbit?
Me: Come on, Sue. What’s a temporal orbit?
Sue: It’s probably a place where time stands still so you can make things better. Something like that.
Me: Oh, for ****’s sake. I can’t tell if you are taking the piss or not.
Sue: I’m barley following what is going on but it’s very exciting.

The TV MovieThe Doctor and the Master fight to the death and the Master is sucked into the Eye of Harmony.

Sue: Are you sure the Master wasn’t a pole dancer in an earlier life?

The Doctor places the corpses of Grace and Chang Lee on the TARDIS floor and then the time machine brings them back to life.

Sue: Is the TARDIS letting them regenerate? It looks like the same fairy dust they use in the new series.
Me: Yes, but if the TARDIS can bring the Doctor’s dead friends back to life, doesn’t that beg the obvious question?
Sue: Oh yeah. Maybe the TARDIS hated Adric as well. Or maybe you can only do this in a temporal orbit.
Me: Actually, that does make sense. Thanks. It’s only taken 17 years.

The TV MovieThe TARDIS travels back to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve.

Sue: If that’s Stanley Park in Vancouver, I’ve played golf there.

The Doctor asks Grace to come with him but she turns him down.

Sue: What? Is she mad? Go with him!

The Doctor returns to his TARDIS.

Sue: She’ll run in after him. She has to.

The TARDIS dematerialises.

Sue: What has she got to look forward to? A flat with no furniture and no job, that’s what.
Me: Brian did leave her some very nice chairs.

The TV MovieDamn, she’s got me doing it now.

The Doctor and his TARDIS fly off into the vortex for a series of new adventures (coming soon from Big Finish).

Sue: Nice.

Cue credits.

Me: So, do you think Paul McGann counts?
Sue: Of course he ****ing counts. Why wouldn’t he?


The Score

Sue: I really enjoyed that. The plot wasn’t very good, and the casual viewer wouldn’t have known (or cared) what was going on half the time – but what a great way to finish. Paul McGann should have been given a series. He would have been wonderful.


Me: What do you think they have called it instead of The TV Movie?
Sue: Grace.
Me: Come here and give us a kiss.

I switch off the TV.

Me: It’s over. We’re free.
Sue: Are we?
Me: Yes.
Sue: What shall we do?
Me: Dunno.




  1. Silent Hunter  May 8, 2013

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on a massive achievement.

    • Dave Sanders  May 8, 2013

      Yes indeed. Somebody had to like it.

      • Mag  May 8, 2013

        Grin. I see what you did there.

      • John Miller  May 9, 2013

        I’m very glad that Sue loved The TV Movie . It gets unfair flak just because of the “half-human” line and the fact that The Doctor kisses a beautiful woman. For some people, I’m not sure which one was the more offensive. 🙂

        It’s also wonderful that Sue(can she really not call herself a fan now?) picks up stuff that many obsessive people don’t get, despite rewatching the same thing multiple times.

        • Frankymole  May 9, 2013

          It was the ’90s. I’m just surprised the Master didn’t have to kiss the Doctor to steal his lives.

          Maybe just in my head-fanon.

  2. John W  May 8, 2013

    “And John Simm wasn’t? Give your head a shake, lad.”

    Thank. You.

  3. James  May 8, 2013


    I’m so glad Sue liked the TV Movie, it’s one of my favourites, and it’s good to see her watching it without the finding the kiss controversial, without questioning the half human bit – and saying that John Simm was too over the top. Hooray!

    Oh and the Vengeance bit at the end was awesome too.

    It’s been excellent, thank you!

    • Alisaunder  May 9, 2013

      Funny thing, I HAAAATED the movie at the time. Violently. But 15 years later I forced myself to refresh my memory of it after that whole Rassilon, is she his mom or not, debate during Tennant’s finale, and most of it isnt that bad. The parts that are, are ludicrous. But McGann is a great Doctor, and if anyone doubts it check out Big Finish because his voice can melt butter and his stories are consistantly really great.

      Neil, you cant end it like this. Watch the new series with her. Watch Blakes 7. Watch… Big Finish. I dont know. But we’ll miss you.

    • Anonymous  May 10, 2013

      Yeah, the Vengeance on Varos bit was funny, I agree!

  4. bestestbrian  May 8, 2013

    I’m going to miss this. 🙁

  5. Marcus  May 8, 2013

    *Does a first comment boogie*
    Wow, I’m going to miss reading this. I’m glad Sue liked the TV movie, but I see what she means about it being too self-referential, perhaps that’s why it mostly failed in attracting a new audience. In a lot of ways it wasn’t real ‘Who’ although it /does/ count.
    Possibly the reason the new series did attract a new adusience was the initial complete break form the past, or, more likely, people had seen some of the old series on the satellite/digital channels and saw how good it could be.

    • Marcus  May 8, 2013

      ok so I didn’t get first comment, but there weren’t any other comments when i started typing it!

  6. Pat  May 8, 2013

    And I’ll be the second – great reading every time. Thanks so much – I look forward to the book!

  7. Magic Mavic Chen  May 8, 2013

    What nice way to end. It’s melancholy in a way, but a nice sort of melancholy.

  8. Chris Allen  May 8, 2013

    “The final end…..”

    I’ve always considered this the real end of the experiment, not “Survival” episode 3.

    Oddly, the more I watch it, the more unsatisfying it seems. Still, Paul McGann is great in it (with or without his shirt).

  9. Scottieboy  May 8, 2013

    I’m really quite sad. But at least it ended on a high note.

  10. Mike Trytek  May 8, 2013

    And in one fell swoop McGann smashes his way to the top of the ratings chart, boasting an average score of 9/10 ;o)


  11. Graham Cluley  May 8, 2013

    Congratulations Neil and Sue.

    I’ve read every update, even for the stories I’ve never seen and those terrible days of Colin Baker and McCoy which I tried to avoid on the box… and I loved every minute of it.

    What an amazing achievement. Good luck with the book!

    • Mike Trytek  May 8, 2013

      “Good luck with the book!”

      Do I detect undertones of Father Ted?

      • Wholahoop  May 11, 2013

        “Careful now”

        • Lewis Christian  May 11, 2013

          They’re ending the experiment?

          Down with this sort of thing!

  12. Polarity Reversed  May 8, 2013

    Well done, and thanks to you and all the people who’ve joined in.
    It’s been great fun. Best wishes for the future.

  13. another Neil  May 8, 2013

    Congratulations, and thank you both very, very much indeed – I’ve never enjoyed following a blog more, and nothing Who-related has ever come close. Look forward to the book later in the year!

  14. Jazza1971  May 8, 2013

    Superb ending! And lots of classics revisited. I particularly liked:-

    “The Doctor: It was on the planet Skaro that my old enemy the Master was finally put on trial…

    Sue: Ooh, is it the Master?”

    I’m going to miss you guys! Come on…do the new series in a few years time…it’ll be fun! 😉

    I must say that I always think that I dislike the “TV Movie” and then when I watch it I find myself rather enjoying it…and then I forget. Especially the “half human” bit…

  15. Alex  May 8, 2013

    Congrats, add me to those who’ll miss this.
    My understanding is that the TV Movie got good ratings in the UK, but not in the US (was scheduled against sweeps ep. of Roseanne featuring a main character heart attack). As it was a US production that scuppered it.
    I doubt the UK audience was just ‘fans’.

    • jamieskilt  May 8, 2013

      The TV Movie was a fine effort from a production team who clearly cared. But perhaps its greatest contribution to Doctor Who history – aside from giving us the mighty McGann – was to show RTD exactly what pitfalls to avoid when he was handed the baton. From the very first scene in “Rose” it was obvious he’d learned the lessons well.

  16. Iain  May 8, 2013

    ” He was still more likeable than Adric.” Died at that.

    Congratulations, and thank you Neil and Sue for letting us all in on your adventure.

  17. Thrillsville  May 8, 2013

    Thanks! It’s been a great read. Funnily enough I also started watching the series from the beginning with my wife around the same time as you (independently – I didn’t find out about you until halfway through Hartnell). We only watch half an hour at a time irregularly (and never consecutive days). We also haven’t been watching reconstructions but we have listened to the missing episodes on CD. That stretch in Troughton where we were only listening really tried my patience so there was huge gaps between sessions. We’re on Episode Three of The Invasion right now so only one more audio story and pretty soon colour!

    Anyway, I just wanted to add that the goodbye scene is not Stanley Park but Andy Livingstone Park (near the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden) in Vancouver… and just last weekend we walked through the park and stood in the exact place where I pointed this out to her. Needless to say I was more enthusiastic than her – but then she hasn’t seen The TV Movie yet. That’s what I’m telling myself.

  18. iain  May 8, 2013

    bye bye Sue! (waves)

  19. Chris  May 8, 2013

    Bravo to you both – this has been one of my favourite ever blogs; shall be buying the book!

  20. Nathan  May 8, 2013

    It’s called GRACE:1999 of course!

  21. Anonymous  May 8, 2013

    …. and you ended with a BANG!!!

    Probably the funniest post yet!

  22. Broton  May 8, 2013

    Well done Neil and Sue!!

    Luckily the new series has quietly dismissed any idea of the Doctor being half human – it always was a terrible idea pandering to the idea that Americans wouldn’t take to a fully alien Doctor. Bit patronising, really.

  23. JIm  May 8, 2013

    Congratulations! Thanks for a lovely read!

  24. Mark Taylor  May 8, 2013

    Whatever are we going to do now?!

    Thanks Sue and Neil for such an entertaining blog. Really going to miss it – looking forward to the book!

    Now, about doing the New Series…

    • John Miller  May 9, 2013

      I hear that the R101 is in danger…

      And there’s something happening in Lannet…

  25. Darryl Gillikin  May 8, 2013

    Sue, if the divorce is ever finalized, marry me. That is one of the most sensible reviews of the TVM I’ve ever read. 🙂

    I’ll admit I was worried, since you guys were watching the thing in PAL–and as big a fan of the TVM as I am, even I have trouble with the “chipmunk” effect that converting from the NTSC masters to PAL for the British broadcast had. It’s one of the reasons I still don’t own the DVD and rely on my off-air recording. But it IS a brilliant film, which makes no less sense than any number of “classics” for Docs 1-7, and its influences on the New Series are undeniable.

    I’m gonna miss these updates, too. 🙂

  26. Cookey  May 8, 2013

    Well done you two for making it, and well done on that score Sue. I’ve always loved the TVM.

    Yes i always wanted Paul to have his own series, he really deserved one. Part of me hopes he’ll turn up this year some time, perhaps in the 50th or perhaps in a mini-ep. Children in Need maybe?

    In any case, i’ll always see him as my Doctor.

    Thanks for the fantastic journey, you’ve both kept a young(ish) man entertained.

    And Incidentally, a merry Christmas…i mean a big thank you to all of you at home. Such an entertaining bunch 🙂

  27. charles yoakum  May 8, 2013

    and with that, sue caps off a remarkable run of patience and time in front of the screen. kudos to you both.

    thanks so much for so many hours of great entertainment along the way. I’m looking forward to the book, which i’m so happy you’re doing, as it allows those of us who been a loyal reading audience to make this new economy work the way its supposed to: you entertain the heck out of us, we micro payment you into profitability and riches. If content is king, then this has been a great ride. thanks again.

    and so i sit here, dismayed at some of sue’s scores, but while realizing that she took in a much more concentrated dose of Who than just about any of us ever did. For all that we watched through the formative years of our collective fandom, none of us had access to the sheer volume and breadth that exists now with the episodes on DVD and streaming. Just the difference in television styles alone would make for an interesting dissertation at some point. Impressive, both of you, and i can’t wait to see Nicol’s last cake.

  28. Lewis Christian  May 8, 2013

    Me: It’s over. We’re free.
    Sue: Are we?
    Me: Yes.
    Sue: What shall we do?
    Me: Dunno.

    Vengeance on Varos? 😉

    WOOHOO! And, at last, Sue is – well – at least half fan (on her Whovian side). Or something.

    Great way to end!

  29. Lewis Christian  May 8, 2013

    Also a bit sad McGann doesn’t get his own website page.

  30. Gordon Jones  May 8, 2013

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the Doctor being half human makes sense.

  31. DB  May 8, 2013

    Thanks for a brilliant website, Neil and Sue. Really hope to see you in a new adventure very soon!

  32. Damon  May 8, 2013

    I really wish Sue would be willing to try at least a couple of Big Finishes. Just Marian Conspiracy to introduce her to everyone’s favorite saucy old professor companion, and Storm Warning to introduce her to Charley and the 8th Doctor audios. I don’t think you could oblige her to listen to any more if she doesn’t like either one (or even if she does), but surely two would be reasonable?

    Think it’s worth submitting as a question for the final podcast?

  33. Karl Wolf  May 8, 2013

    Congrats you two! 😀

  34. mattbartley  May 8, 2013

    I’ve always liked the TV movie. As much as some of the changes are terrible (why is he half-human? Because when he regenerates he’s pumped full of human blood, that’s why…although that obviously doesn’t explain the ‘mother’s side’ comment later), it gets so much right – the credits look properly epic, the joke with the motorcycle is superb, there are some great lines and Ashbrook could have been a great companion.

    And, of course, McGann. Considering he spends about the first 30 minutes either not in it or not knowing who he is, he’s only got about 50 minutes to convince and he absolutely *nails* it. He’s genuinely brilliant and natural in the role and while I’m not sure how they would have developed the series, it is indeed a crying shame he never get the chance to develop on screen.

    • Lewis Christian  May 8, 2013

      “why is he half-human? Because when he regenerates he’s pumped full of human blood, that’s why…although that obviously doesn’t explain the ‘mother’s side’ comment later”

      That’s basically my theory too, that the blood transfusion / operation interfered with his biodata or whatever for his Eighth life only. The extra comment, well, you could just take it as the Doctor running with the joke. Instead of looking like a weirdo (“I’m half-human” and walking off), he adds “on my mother’s side” so the other bloke thinks he’s a bit weird but funny. Dunno. That’s how I work it.

      • encyclops  May 9, 2013

        That’s genius, you guys! You just saved that line for me.

        I just watched this again a couple of months ago in anticipation of this entry. I still think a lot of it is subpar but I’m a lot more charitable toward it these days:

        Let me add my voice to the chorus of congratulations. Neil and Sue, this has been so much fun. But you already know what I think!

  35. James  May 8, 2013

    Well done!

  36. Rad  May 8, 2013


    So pleased for you – and for us that we got to read it all. Huge congratuations, will miss you (until the next thing…?) and looking forward to the last ever post and the book

  37. Anonymous  May 8, 2013

    Thank you both for the ride! My days will be a shade duller without your blog to look forward to.

  38. Erik Harrison  May 8, 2013

    On the one hand, I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t save the McGann version of Shada for this – it would have been fun to return to Douglas Adams and shoddy, poorly animated reconstructions, while giving Paul McGann a chance to not be a one trick pony. But I’ve always understood that this wasn’t what The Experiment was about. But I’ll save my farewells for the last post.

    Being an American, and a young one at that, this was the first Doctor Who story I saw “Live” and I remember sorta hating and loving it. Part of that was my sense of Doctor Who was already somewhat scrambled, by having watched the American rebroadcasts somewhat haphazardly. So on the one hand, I wanted a more “faithful” version of the show, while on the other hand missing a lot of the subtler nods to continuity.

    McGann, the production design, the direction, and the willingness to make a story that was both in continuity, but doing some fresh things gives it some energy. Roberts gets to be the first Master to get out of Delgado’s shadow, and Grace is a good companion.

    Of course, the story is crap. And starting with McCoy is an understandable misstep. And while the old chestnut of having the mysterious alien have amnesia is not bad on it’s face, because the mystery of who the Doctor is isn’t there, and the story itself isn’t that compelling it undermines the remaining unique charm of the show, namely the Doctor himself.

    • Jason  May 8, 2013

      I know the McGann Shada gets some flak, but I enjoyed it quite a bit (even if it was a little too long at 6 parts– though the original would’ve suffered from the same thing if it had ever been completed).

  39. Alan Brooks  May 8, 2013

    You wonderful wonderful people, you’ve done it! It’s been wonderful to follow the whole thing, thank you so much, you’ve really given this geek boy fan a lot of fun and new perspectives on the show I love. Please reconsider doing the new series? Many thanks and congratulations from sunny Germany!

  40. melvin  May 8, 2013

    Congratulations, Neil and Sue, on the completion of this monumental experiment.

    Paul McGann is one of the best and most neglected Doctors. His work in the Big Finish audios has been so exhaustive and wonderful, that, should they ever actually involve him in the current television series, you’d have a fully-realized, completely unique version of the Time Lord right off. Just as Colin Baker’s Doctor found new life and new chances to develop in the Big Finish line, so too has Paul McGann’s. They’re certainly my favourite audio Doctors, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    As for the controversial “half-human” line, the current series’ constant refrain of “the Doctor lies” was retroactively applied in a recent graphic novel collection, Tony Lee’s “The Forgotten” (2010). If you like multi-Doctor stories, it’s one of the most creative approaches. In the fifth part, the Eighth Doctor tells a fellow prisoner, “I once convinced my most hated enemy that I was ‘half-human’ with nothing more than a wide-eyed expression, a couple of words, and a half-broken Chameleon Arch.” Take that for what it’s worth. It satisfied me well enough.

    The McGann Doctor is the subject of what is still one of my favourite “Doctor Who” art-pieces that I’ve made:

    • Nick Mays  May 8, 2013

      The Chameleon Arch explains a fair bit. Guess we have to thank Paul Cornell for that.

      But if you believe the Moff’s take on things, humans can become Time Lords if they’re conceived in a Tardis travelling through the Time Vortex because it changes their DNA. So maybe the Doctor’s mother WAS human and travelled with a Time Lord and, well… more basically.

      Maybe this inter-species interbreeding malarky led to the Time Lord decree that no aliens were to brought to Gallifrey, which the Doctor bitterly mutters about at the end of Hand of Fear and causes him to leave Sarah behind on Earth.


      I used to hare the half human idea, but now it doesn’t matter, same as the Unit Dating and Season 6B stuff. It’s a simple answer really… The Time War.

      Or the Timewyrm.

      • John Miller  May 11, 2013

        There are 117, 863 Doctor Who Universes, and any contradictory material must simply take place in a different one. 🙂

        • Nick Mays  May 11, 2013

          I guessed it’d be something simple like that! 😉

  41. Gavin Noble  May 8, 2013


  42. Nick Mays  May 8, 2013

    First off, WELL DONE Sue and Neil on reaching the end of this monumental – or just plain mental – experiment. I came to this fairly late on but soon caught up and looked forward to every single instalment! And a lot of the time I looked forward to the comments too…

    Above all, I enjoyed Sue’s “not we” take on stories which Meta-Fandom had down as “classics” and “turkeys” and turned those perceptions on their heads.

    Great ending to it all, but of course bittersweet. PLEASE keep the Facebook Page going and give us some updates on the book and your next project.

    Here’s to you, Guys! 🙂

  43. Warren Andrews  May 8, 2013

    Sue: I really like the music. There’s a Keffishness to it, with all those der-der-der stings, but it sounds so much better with a proper orchestra. This is what Keff would have sounded like if he’s been given enough money.

    Actually the score was performed totally on synthesisers, it was all state of the art equipment when this film came out. They never used an orchestra.:)

    It’s the end then.

    Part of me want Nuwho Wife in Space….:)

  44. Simon Harries  May 8, 2013

    Ah, what fun we’ve all had reading this blog – a fine and witty rendition of Sue’s journey through the classic series. Like delegates at an ambassador’s reception, you have spoiled us by sharing the highlights, the cushion throws, the expletives, even the one low point – that creepy occasion early on, when you watched me watch your wife as she watched an episode of The Crusade. It was so creepy in fact that only your closest family have been allowed to watch her watching Who ever since. I will miss the blog very much – like many readers, it’s the one and only blog I’ve ever followed faithfully from start to finish. It has never been anything less than sublimely entertaining and brilliant. I can’t wait for the book! Have a great trip to Dublin – you deserve it! Love you loads x

  45. Dave Sanders  May 8, 2013

    I really don’t know what to say now. Like the Fourth Doctor, I hate goodbyes. :/

    • Lewis Christian  May 11, 2013

      Also like the Fourth Doctor, I’m struggling to get a grip that this is over.

  46. Steve Trimingham  May 8, 2013

    Congratualtions for surviving the process and thanks for so many laughs and the fresh insights to Cassic Who. This blog has been something I’ve always looked forward to and enjoyed immensly.

    Thanks for the journey.

    I raise a glass to your achievement this evening.


  47. Perry Armstrong  May 8, 2013

    I thought the obvious question raised by TARDIS ‘fairy dust’ reviving Grace & Chang Lee is whether this means there are two other immortals knocking about the universe besides Captain Jack 😉

  48. Jez Noir  May 8, 2013

    “maybe you can only do this in a temporal orbit”

    Of course! My god, I almost like the TV movie now, thanks Sue!

    Well done to the two of you, looking forward to the book!

  49. Jason  May 8, 2013

    I’m surprised no one chimed in with the movie’s working title, The Enemy Within. Even if it doesn’t appear on screen, that’s what I always think of this one as.

    I’m glad Sue liked it though. It is cheesy and a poor story, but it really shows how good of a Doctor McGann would’ve been if he had gotten to do more. He really shone here. His delivery on the shoes line is perfect.

    Congrats on finishing! Can’t wait for the book!

    • Lewis Christian  May 11, 2013

      Enemy Within (without the The, according to the writer) is good enough. It’s an odd title, but we have many of those. Plus, ‘The Aztecs’ is a title we now use and that was never on screen, so… 🙂

  50. Tim Pipkin  May 8, 2013

    Wife in Space dead? Never…. it will just regenerate. Or we could just go back and watch another version in a parallel universe. This time it might be “Husband in Space”, when Neil is forced to view every tear jerker, period drama or episode of Starsky and Hutch…. I can hear the tag line now… “In Space, no-one can hear you scream to turn it off…”
    Loved every bit I read, enjoy a break… we will keep watching “this space…”

  51. jsd  May 8, 2013

    I’m sad that it’s all over now, but at least we have the book to look forward to. Thanks so much for your time and effort over the past however long it’s been. I’ve enjoyed it all immensely!

  52. Mag  May 8, 2013

    Thank you for including us all in your adventures. I’ve really enjoyed the journey and wish you’d let Sue drag you along to revisit the new series some point in the future. (Maybe updates with the animated versions are released on DVD or when Underwater Menace is publicly available.) I liked your inclusion of Nicole and even Gary’s comments were good does of not-we perspective as Sue’s transformation to we progressed. Good luck finishing your book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Still think Terror of the Zygons was robbed at 7/10 though!

  53. Wholahoop  May 9, 2013

    Compare and contrast 1996 and 2005 reboots. Whatever RTD critics may want to say about his tenure I felt his relatively gentle introduction of the series’ mythos was more likely to succeed in capturing new fans. Mind you he had a series to play with, this was a one off and maybe they tried to ram too much in for the new/casual viewer. At least we didn’t get all that cack about Ulysses, Borusa and Rassilon and for that I am truly grateful

  54. Joe Monticello  May 9, 2013

    Congratulations and thank you both for one hell of an entertaining ride.

  55. Frankymole  May 9, 2013

    It would’ve been nice to also have Sue watch the “Bidding Adieu” video diary where McCoy visits Anneke Wills in her gallery whilst in Vancouver. Though the bit where he has a snog with McGann might not appeal to everyone.

    • SarahJane  May 9, 2013

      Thanks for the heads-up about the video!

    • Lewis Christian  May 11, 2013

      Ah yes, Sue would enjoy that!

    • Anonymous  May 11, 2013

      There is such a thing? Eek! Just like that one with Colin and Nicola that features a sex scene? Yeauch! I’m obviously not a fan…

  56. John Miller  May 9, 2013

    Yes. A very hearty congratulations on reaching The TV Movie. The marathon is truly overwhelming, and for a non-fan(ha!) to achieve it with such good humour and high spirits is a remarkable achievement. All the best!

    It would have been nice if Sue had also done the New Series, but I suppose it’s for the best as:

    a)IShe’s already watched them all, so there wouldn’t be the first time experience. b)It’s much newer, so it doesn’t have that “looking at 70’s or 80’s sets and hairstyles” thing c)there isn’t a single gap to make comments anywhere d)Nobody wants Wholahoop’s unfunny banter on the comments where he mocks anyone who says that Professor Yana, The Master and Harold Saxon are different incarnations of the same Time Lord. e)More endless comments about “canon”

    • Frankymole  May 9, 2013

      All good points. The clear answer is for Nicol and her boyfriend to watch the new series in 20 years’ time, and blog about it on the neural net of our group-mind brain cloud chips which will be in place at the time.

      And Omega is clearly the First Master.

      • Brian  May 12, 2013

        I thought that was the Rani?

        • Frankymole  May 13, 2013

          Of course, Susan was the Corsair all the time!

          • John Miller  May 13, 2013

            So much for no unfunny banter! And to Thomas, I do bot have an issue with letting things go. But, like most people, I do have an issue with someone relentlessly making unfunny jokes about something, when they are the one with the wrong end of the stick. Of course, NOBODY wants to go through all of this again, but Doctor Who fandom is rather special in that things can be explicitly stated so that only someone with an IQ less than 10 could not understand it, and yet the so-called “fans” will find said thing outrageous and humorous.

            Who knows why? But what irritates the shit out of me is some buffoon making jokes about something, when the only reasons they could find it funny is because they are too thick to understand it, or they are just far too arrogant to let the words of the people who actually made the thing mean anything. Of course, the alternative is someone rambling on at length about Dr Who, and then late revealing that they’ve never read a single book or a single comic, never listened to a single audio, and only watched a handful of episodes, yet they consider themselves an expert.

            Of course it takes all sorts. There are loads of people who just will not accept that Eccleston, Tennant and Smith are the same character as Hartnell etc. Others refuse to accept that Mcgann is. And I personally know a chap who refuses to accept that anyone from Pertwee on is the same character as Hartnell and Troughton.

            I could go on and on, but again no one wants that, as it may start to get as longwinded as a certain slaphead’s dull reviews of 2Entertain DVD’s.

    • Thomas  May 12, 2013

      Do you have an issue with letting things go or something, John?

  57. Steve White  May 9, 2013

    Many congratulations on making it to the end.

    I’ve never been one for reading blogs, but this has always been the exception. I’ve followed you since the beginning and you have always been a compulsive, entertaining read.

    Thanks guys.

    Oh and a fully agree with Sues verdict on Paul McGann’s Doctor, such a waste that we never got a full series from him. The Big Finish stuff has shown that he would have made one of the best Doctors…

  58. Ian  May 9, 2013

    It’s been… fantastic! Thanks to you both for a brilliant ride. Best of luck with the book – and please do something else. Blakes 7, Sapphire and Steel, Space:1999… anything!

    • John Miller  May 9, 2013

      Maybe they should do something utterly unlike Doctor Who? How about something like The Golden Girls, so that people can make 1300 word posts about the history of Dorothy and Stan’s relationship?

    • Polarity Reversed  May 12, 2013

      My vote would be for Sapphire & Steel. As fine a piece of stylish tosh as ever committed to screen, and I’m sure it’s dated really, really badly.

      Plus people could weigh in from the side with lengthy tracts about how it should have been called Aluminium, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Iron… Cheese Hydroxide and Moodyactinium Sulphate were not available… But they’re not elements… I know that, they’re teams… He made it up – it’s a bit of fun… Compounds, you mean, you idiot, chemistry is a serious matter… You obviously understand nothing of valency, etc, etc.

      What fun!

  59. honeymonster  May 9, 2013

    congratulations on completing your massive mission! This is the only blog i read and have been following since near the start, must be something special to of kept my attention for so long 🙂

    Alas i can never feel the love for Paul McGann 😮 he is a fine actor and seems like a nice chap, i just don’t feel anything for him 😮 He is by far my least favorite doctor; of course he counts though 🙂

  60. Richard C.  May 9, 2013

    I’ve seen the TV Movie all of once, I hated it that much. Now I feel I have to rent it to make sure. Crap.

    Thank you for the blog – much fun was had. 🙂

    • Richard C.  May 13, 2013

      Well, that was a mistake.

    • John Miller  May 13, 2013

      Yes, much fun was had.

      It was an absolutely uplifting and joyful experience to read Sue’s comments about the show I have loved since I was a small boy. Somewhere along the line, Doctor Who stopped being entertainment for many people, and became a mean-spirited power struggle between an assortment of fatheads, dimwitted archivists, and other assorted creeps.

      It was truly a complete pleasure to read the comments of an intelligent, witty woman who is completely unhindered by some nonsensical and self-defeating revelation in Tapewyrm:Cat’s Crap, or The Unauthorised Unlicensed, Unresearched Guide To The Doctor Who Universe. The sort of “Oh-ho! Tegan said ‘x’, and we all USED to think that until the Discontinuity Guide explained that when she said ‘x’ she really meant ‘y’. Even though ‘x’ is a the whole point of this serial”.

      And let us never forget that Doctor Who was not made for people like the various antisocial types(including me) who post here and debate what Sarah Jane meant when she said she’s from 1980 in The Pyramids Of Mars. It was, and always SHOULD be, made for people like Sue. And what’s more Sue has now actually watched everything up to The TV Movie(except Marco Polo!) and many of the self-described experts clearly can not have.

      • Nick Mays  May 13, 2013

        John… John…. Let it GO mate, let it GO!

        Really, I’d love it if you did your own blog, because I’d like to take apart some of the Meta-Fan “Theories as Fact” bollocks. What about it?

        But as for getting your own back on people who have “crossed you” (who else memorably said that?) on this blog, it’s making you look a bit mean spirited and petulant.

      • John Williams  May 13, 2013

        I genuinely worry about you John. The show is supposed to be fun and this blog was a wonderful embodiment of that but you seem to be eaten up by rage. I apologise if I offended you before.

        • Polarity Reversed  May 13, 2013

          I’ll say it again. The reason Dr Who has lasted and is adored by so many is that it can be anything you want it to be. It’s dear to all our hearts, but there’s a murky temptation to feel that, in some way, we “own” it.

          But surely it’s in the spirit of the programme’s values to welcome and tolerate everyone.

          “Bit of harmless fun for kids, with some learning involved” – Pass, friend.
          “Madcap fun format that allows for pastiches and mashups of historical, literary, philosophical and scientific concepts” – Pass, friend.
          “Document of social mores at the time of broadcast, and prescient in its use of bubblewrap.” – Fair enough.
          “My chosen permutation of the TV broadcasts/novelisations/audios etc are the real thing” – Fine by me.
          “It is clear from a 1973 comic that Sontarans have three toes and that Troughton’s did actually encounter them, but it was actually just Polly having a cheese nightmare.” If you wish.
          “We painted our garden shed blue and wore cybermen pyjamas.” Who didn’t? Come one, come all.
          “The show is watching us, rather than us watching the show – read your Saussure.” – Okay too.
          “An incredibly influential oddball hero who wins through with brains, not guns” – My favourite.

  61. BWT  May 9, 2013

    “The experiment has ended.”


    So long and thanks for sharing your marriage with us for two years. I feel empty now. Time to return to my own wife.

    Be well.

  62. Illusionator  May 9, 2013

    Well done both. Tremendous entertainment, I will miss you guys

  63. Smaller on the outside  May 9, 2013

    OMG, I laughed so loud at some bits:

    “Sue: That’s a shit Dalek.
    Me: That isn’t a Dalek. It’s the Master”

    “Sue: Typical. You wait ages for a Doctor to get his shirt off and it’s Sylvester bloody McCoy.”

    “Sue: It makes sense, I suppose.
    Me: WHAT?”

    “Sue: He does it all the time now. I wonder if he’ll keep doing it if he regenerates into an ugly actor.”

    “Sue: Is the Eye of Harmony making it rain chickens?” (OMG this made me crack up)

    —-> I’m gonna miss you SOOOO much :'(

    Me: They should have put the number 8 on that door. I’ve never really forgiven them for that.
    —> Yep, my thoughts exactly… BTW, the Gary Russell novelisation did put the number 8 in the door…

  64. Andrew Ford  May 9, 2013

    I’m going to miss this… Not just an experiment for you, but an exploration of my own formative years – Memories recovered by association (I suspect the same has been true for other readers, also). Thank you Neil and Sue; I got into this later into the experiment, but backtracked to the beginning. I certainly hope that this isn’t the last that we see of you and I can’t wait for the book.

    (P.S: “Typical. You wait ages for a Doctor to get his shirt off and it’s Sylvester bloody McCoy.” Ha ha ha ha!)

  65. Mark Faulkner  May 9, 2013

    It’s official then, the TV Movie is better than ‘Terror of the Zygons’!

  66. Derek Handley  May 9, 2013

    Congratulations and thank you!

    This has been a brilliant blog. I’m looking forward to the book so much! I really hope you end up doing some new blogs – whatever they’re about, I know I’ll enjoy them.

    This was a great way to finish. I bet that it was a bittersweet moment – we’ve finished! and oh, we’ve finished all at once.

    Thanks again.

    • DPC  May 9, 2013



  67. Ozzy Baxter  May 9, 2013

    Congratulations and THANK YOU for all the entertainment you have brought me! You do Doctor Who Fandom proud, Neil. A big KEFFING ‘ELL THANK YOU to Sue for allowing her brain to be the platform by which we all tried to “re-watch” these lovely classics of our youth through her eyes. She certainly opened mine to a few things about the show I’d never considered, or noticed. I sincerely hope there is another experiment of any type in the future, and will continue to check back for anything new.

    Thank you again and Happy 50th Anniversary! 🙂


  68. DPC  May 9, 2013

    If only Doc7 used that big scanner to show the outside before stepping out into the shower of bullets…

    Best of all:

    “Sue: I really like the music. There’s a Keffishness to it, with all those der-der-der stings, but it sounds so much better with a proper orchestra. This is what Keff would have sounded like if he’s been given enough money.

    And then Sue said this:

    Sue: I don’t think that any non-fans would have enjoyed this. It’s too wrapped up in the past to appeal to a new audience. I bet the fans loved it, though.”

    Keff’s music could have indeed been better if enough money was given for a proper production. And Glynn and Ayres probably did have better equipment to use… freelancers often had to use their own gear. This was BYOD before it became popular… =D

    And, yup – while this TVM was the most recorded show of the week, it is indeed geared mostly to existing fans and doesn’t do much to bring in anyone new to the franchise. “Rose” (2005) has problems, but it did the right thing of bringing in new fans and then opening up more of the lore.

  69. Richard Lyth  May 9, 2013

    Congratulations on making it to the end! I’ll miss this blog, but at least there’s still the book to look forward to. Hope you do something similar in the future – how about all 214 episodes of Stargate SG-1, or if that’s not enough, all 1,225 episodes of Dark Shadows?

    • Lord Antares  May 9, 2013

      Even Dark Shadows has a missing episode…but only one.

  70. Russell Watson  May 9, 2013

    Congratulations, i can’t believe it’s actually done!!
    I came across the experiment, i think, roughly half way through Troughton, via drwhoonline. Quiet few months at work meant this was one of my go to sites as soon as was possible! When I caught up with you, around the end of Troughton / start of Pertwee & always looked forward to new updates. Work changed as Tom Baker progressed so I fell away a little bit but came back to the fold for Davison to McGann. Some hilarious & genuinely laugh out loud moments throughout & some very interesting scores!!
    Well done Sue & Neil. I will certainly be getting the book.

  71. Jay McIntyre  May 9, 2013

    The TV Movie > The entire RTD “era”.

  72. Peter J Ross  May 9, 2013

    “Don’t ever change, love.”

    I agree. (I’ve been an avid reader since you were half way through Hartnell.)

    Sue was fantastic. And you know what? So was… Gary. (And Nicol and the cats were all splendid chaps.)

    Hmm. I suppose one ought to express grudging admiration for Neil too. Neil has been Letts to Sue’s Pertwee, Hinchcliffe to Sue’s Baker, and Lambert to Sue’s Hartnell.

    Thank you.

    “Somewhere there’s TV, somewhere there’s football, and somewhere else the tea’s getting cold. Come on, Neil – we’ve got work to do!”

  73. Alexandra  May 10, 2013

    This is the only blog I have ever read compulsively. I happened on it while I was discovering Doctor Who myself, so I REALLY identify both with Sue and with Neil, because I now find myself dragging my son and my friends into my new obsession and wanting them to like it SO badly. I was dumbstruck at how much of the time I agreed with Sue about episodes I had seen, and I’ve used this blog as a guide to which episodes I probably want to watch. However, I then go back and reread your post after I’ve seen it, because only then do Sue’s comments really achieve their full comedic glory. Thank you both so much for this wonderful gift.

  74. DamonD  May 10, 2013

    McGann really does nail it, and pulls the whole thing along with him. While the TVM is a bit style over substance, it’s a nice well-directed and produced style. Much like Survival, the return and popularity of the show takes the ‘last shot’ pressure off it so the TVM can be viewed as an interesting little side step and what might have been. At the time I was unsatisfied but I’ve definitely mellowed to it now.

    Would’ve loved to have seen more with the Doctor and Grace…due to rights issues, they can’t even sadly get them together on BF audios. Still, I’m very glad that he’s returned to the role in those audios and several of them are big favourites of mine (with Chimes still at the top of the tree).

    I also like being able to see the Seventh Doctor here near the end of his regeneration. There’s a clear sense of proper time having passed for him, of a life lived, that you don’t get outside of the Fourth and possibly Third Doctors by the end of their eras as well. Plus it’s a very natty suit.

  75. chris-too-old-to-watch  May 10, 2013

    Congrats to both of you for getting through the “original” series.

    Although I’d love to see you carry on with the new series, I can understand you wanting to try something different. I’m not a football fan, so I don’t think I’ll be joining you.

    Bye-the-bye, as we’ve now got 11 Doctors, where would you place them in Who United? Colin Baker in goal? McCoy and Tennant as wingers? McGann left-back (in the changing room). And what fun with Pertwee, Tom Baker and Hartnell arguing over who would be Capatin……..oooh the posibilities.

    Bye for now and have fun XXX

    • Polarity Reversed  May 10, 2013

      “Chopper” Troughton in a sort of Rooney role. He probably had the most pace of the lot of them.
      Matt = Crouch.
      Tom and Chris as the big mean back two, perhaps.
      Tennant definitely up front – manic energy and histrionic dives (he’d be a free kick goldmine). Plus he’d probably hate passing the ball, so not a natural midfielder.
      Davison turning up in cricket whites because he misinterpreted the phone call about putting together a memorial 11.
      Pertwee on no account to be put in charge of half-time oranges…

      • Nick Mays  May 10, 2013


        And I guess the subs can be the regenerated 12 and 13? Maybe the Valeyard too? (Good fouls from him!)

        • Polarity Reversed  May 10, 2013

          Who needs subs?
          If you’re staring defeat in the face at the 89th minute, Matt or David could just pull out the old soccer screwdriver, while the fans join hands and chant “we believe”, and reboot the game.
          Although it might be advisable to include Captain Jack somewhere in the lineup – they could nutmeg the bugger to hell and he’d be fine in three minutes flat. Plus he’d really enjoy the goal celebrations.

          • Nick Mays  May 10, 2013

            Classic! 🙂

          • chris-too-old-to watch  May 10, 2013

            I’d hate to think what the celebrations would be like in the baths afterwards if Capt Jack was around. I’d considered the Valeyard as referee.

            Obviously their greatest rivals would have to be a team made up of the “greatest” enemies. Obviously it would be difficult for daleks to perform throw-ins, not to mention the unfortunate tacking habits of cybermen.

            On a plus note, we could always get some good cheerleaders. I’m sure our heterosexual fans would love to see Jo, Leela, Zoe, Polly and Amy in short skirts with big pom-poms. That’s probably where the good Captain would end up – he’s got quite good legs or so I’m told…..

          • Polarity Reversed  May 11, 2013

            Another thought about Tennant.
            If he were to be subbed or (heaven forbid) sent off, the game would have to wait for twenty minutes while he wandered round saying goodbye to everyone, linesman, St John’s and all…

            And a propos the qualifiers for the DW Cup, wouldn’t the Cybermen have to field about 11,000,000 to take on one Dalek? I can hear the Motson commentary now: “Oh and the big men in silver are clunking doggedly up the park towards the solitary yet formidable pepperpot keeper, Trevor. Now one of them has deleted the ball by mistake! But a majestic elevation from the Skaro stalwart nonetheless. And wait – they’ve all inexplicably burst into tears and started exploding!”

  76. Jennie  May 10, 2013

    I’ve always loved the shot of Grace running down the corridor in her posh frock.

    “The experiement has ended.” NOOOOOOO! Will really miss you all. Bring on the book.

  77. Paul Mc Elvaney  May 10, 2013

    Yes, it all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard, and now it turned out to be quite a…quite a great spirit of adventure, don’t you think? I’m going to miss this…

  78. au  May 10, 2013

    Well done and thanks its been lovely

  79. Jon  May 11, 2013

    Well done people!

  80. John G  May 11, 2013

    “Typical. You wait ages for a Doctor to get his shirt off and it’s Sylvester bloody McCoy.”

    Good to see Sue keeping up her form to the bitter end! It’s nice that the experiment has concluded on a positive note, but 9 is somewhat overgenerous. The TVM is without question superbly directed, and this may well be my favourite TARDIS interior; it’s also remarkably grim and graphic in spots, particularly during McCoy’s death scene. However, the plot is ridiculously convoluted and inaccessible to newcomers, and rather dull too. It’s a great shame that McGann gets limited to just an hour’s screentime, as it simply isn’t enough for him to establish a distinctive character – he’s winningly enthusiastic, but otherwise the eighth Doctor just feels generic. The half-human stuff is also a bit silly, but I guess we should be grateful Segal didn’t follow his original plan and completely reboot the back story…

    I can’t quite believe we have finally reached the end, but I guess we have had plenty of time to prepare for this moment! It has been a brilliant ride, and thanks to both Neil and Sue (not forgetting Nicol) for so much entertainment over the last two and a bit years. I stumbled on your first post while idly scanning the Tachyon TV website one day, and was instantly hooked – I honestly didn’t think though that you would get through the whole classic series, and it has been a delight to be proved wrong. There have of course been a few lows (trolling troubles in the comments, Sue’s score for The Massacre), but they have been greatly outnumbered by the many highs and Sue’s refreshingly open-minded take on the show, unencumbered by fannish baggage. Until Adventures with the Wife and Blake, or whatever other madcap TV-based experiment you might come up with, goodbye and thank you!

  81. Lewis Christian  May 11, 2013

    The story is ending, but the song never ends…

  82. Glen Allen (@GlenAllenTV)  May 12, 2013

    So that’s that then….
    What a wonderful ride, and thank you. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I’m really really proud and I love you both.

    A tear, Sue? Oh conjunctivitis! Sorry

    *wanders off down the lane like a Hartnell lookalike*

  83. Jamie  May 13, 2013

    Is there any chance that you two can upload a brief film of the pair of you two doing the fabled ‘Master Dance’?
    I imagine it involves jazz hands.

    Right then, onto your follow-up : 5 Series of The Incredible Hulk.
    “Interview With The Husband”

  84. G  May 14, 2013

    How does it really feel to come to the end of an epic journey like this? And what’s the real reason you aren’t going to do the new series?

    • Neil Perryman  May 14, 2013

      I’ve explained this several times before. There’s no hidden agenda, there’s simply no mileage in it.

      • G  May 16, 2013

        Sorry. But really, how do you feel? (my first question)

        • Neil Perryman  May 16, 2013

          We’ll cover it in the very last summing up, due at the end of the month.

  85. Alexandra  May 15, 2013

    I just watched this for the first time. I agree with Sue a lot of the time, but not on this one. For the first 10 minutes, I was saying to myself: “This is damned good!” But the plot has huge problems:

    –No surgeon would operate on someone as an exploratory measure unless he were clearly dying. No surgeon would ever operate on someone without looking at the damned x-rays! Threading wires through arteries is a procedure that has specific purposes, none of them relevant to this situation. I’m not a doctor, but I know this entire sequence is STUPID.
    –Time Lords are supposed to regenerate right after dying. I guess I can accept the explanation about anesthetic but I don’t really like it.
    –Why would the TARDIS open the Eye of Harmony for just any random human? Even if you buy the bit about the Doctor being half human, this is really stupid. (I will leave aside the quibble that it shouldn’t be called the Eye of Harmony, that being the “master version” on Gallifrey. I can live with that.)
    –Having brought up “half human,” it’s a monumentally dumb idea. Both times it’s mentioned it could be construed as a joke, however, so actually it bothers me less than the rest of this list. Although as an ongoing premise it would piss me off.
    –Why does having the Eye of Harmony open unravel the universe? Why would the Master want to do that? This makes no damned sense whatsoever.
    –What the **** is a “temporal orbit?” Something we haven’t heard of before or since? Which isn’t explained? Is this related to the discussion about going back in time to prevent occurrences, which, by the way, the Doctor always says he can’t or shouldn’t do?
    –The TARDIS can bring people back to life? Really? Why doesn’t the Doctor do this, like, all the time?

    I have no problem with the Doctor kissing Grace. Of course I’m a “new” fan who watched the current series before the old one, so I don’t have the same baggage. My problem is what wimpy kisses they were. Seriously, dude, if you’re going to kiss someone, KISS her.

    I thought Eric Roberts was awful. He went from emotionless to camp and neither was interesting in any way, although the camp at least had some life in it. I would have preferred a British actor, but my real problem is that he was completely flat.

    The whole thing is too Americanized. All the characters are American, the dialogue is American, even the Master has an American accent. I AM an American, but I do NOT want that! Even the Doctor’s dialogue was too Americanized.

    On the plus side:

    The production looks GREAT. It is well directed and beautifully designed, with lots of attention to detail. The interior of the TARDIS was AWESOME; I like it as much, maybe more, than any of the versions from the current series! You can see it had a real budget.

    It was classy to bring back Sylvester McCoy and he played the moments he had very well.

    Paul McGann was terrific as the Doctor, really terrific. Other than what I said about the kissing being wimpy, I have no criticisms at all of his performance. It was perfectly pitched as the character’s understanding and confidence increased, and he hit all the right notes: oddness, innocent delight, inner strength, authority in a crisis, dry humor. I mostly didn’t like the script but there were some lovely Doctorish moments, like the advice he gave the kid on his exams and especially the moment when he thumps the TARDIS console to get her moving. That was a perfect, wordless connection to the past. I don’t know if it was McGann, the director or the writer, but it was brilliant. I would have loved to see what McGann would have done with the character in a series. It doesn’t hurt that he is smoking hot, of course, and the first Doctor to be sexy. Which he did subtly, with exactly the right modulation. (Peter Davison was also seriously hot and I have a crush on him that approaches obsession, but he was adorable, not sexy … the only time Davison is sexy as an actor is when he plays a villain, but that’s another topic.) While I liked Christopher Eccleston, I’m now wondering if it might have been a good idea to just bring McGann back in 2005. That’s how good his performance is.

    Daphne Ashbrook was also good and I liked Grace; a totally modern companion I would have liked more of.

    Did I enjoy it? Yes and no. I’m not sure whether the production values and McGann’s performance outweigh the terrible script. Which I understand was pushed and pulled by a committee … therein lies the problem. It’s probably a good thing this didn’t become a series because Hollywood getting its hands on the Doctor would have led to more of the same. It probably would have been set in America, with only American companions, and that would have been a tragedy. The series’ Britishness is a big part of its charm. All in all, I think we were better served to wait 10 more years.

    • Frankymole  May 17, 2013

      Is the “half-human” thing a joke, though? I wanted to interpret it like that, but there’s a specific plot purpose, i.e. that the Master recongnises the Doctor has human retinas, and only human eyes can open or close the Eye of Harmony. The Master thinks aloud that the Doctor has installed this as a safety feature because he is half-human. “Of course! The Doctor’s half human!” etc.

      Anyway, it does make sense when juxtaposed with the old show. We know at least one human married a Gallifreyan, and they could well be the Doctor’s mum and dad: Leela and Andred.

  86. Grant Goggans  May 17, 2013

    Neil and Sue, that was terrific. I read this over the course of the last week and enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks so much for sharing, and Sue, thank you for being the very best possible sport.

  87. Paul Mudie  May 22, 2013

    Congratulations on making it to the end of a magnificent experiment!

    I have a hard time loving the TV Movie, but McGann showed great promise and now that we can look at it from a historical perspective, it kind of fits as a stepping stone between the old series and the new. I think I’m glad there wasn’t a series back in the 90s because it may have mutated into something very different from what we got in 2005. Or maybe not? We’ll never know.

    Anyway, congratulations again, and thanks to you both for letting us see old Who through new and shiny eyes. 🙂

  88. The Other Colonel Masters  May 31, 2013

    I stumbled across this site by accident a few days ago, and devoured it over three days’ solid reading/watching/listening. Thanks a million! If I ever win the lottery, Sue is getting everything on her wish-list (including that over-priced Dalek)!
    Lovely as Nicol is, I can’t see her introducing you to Association Football as commanding the same audience, or necessarily carving out its own niche. However, her making you watch every episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch from the beginning might be fun.
    Why not take Sue on an episode-by-episode tour of The Tomorrow People?
    Go on! You know you want to…

  89. The Other Colonel Masters  May 31, 2013

    Colonel’s log, supplementary:
    I’ve suddenly realised what it is that Sue’s comments about the furnishings in Doctor Who (Grace’s lovely wooden chairs, and so much else) remind me of. If you can get hold of the “50th anniversary collection” DVD release of Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments, you will be able to listen to commentaries by Katherine Orrison on both the 1923 and the 1956 versions. Ms Orisson (as best I recall, without actually going to the trouble of verifying anything) was employed by CBDM in the props department, and her commentaries consequently focus on props to an alarming degree. There is a characteristic moment in her commentary on the 1923 film, where, as one of the principal characters succumbs to the terrible effects of leprosy, she draws our attention to the rather nice oil-lamp edging its way into shot on the left of the frame. I would enjoy a commentary by Sue on Katherine’s commentary, but I appreciate that there are some things that aren’t going to happen this side of Paradise.