RoseSue: I love this version of the theme music.
Me: Yeah, nothing encapsulates the mystery and otherworldliness of Doctor Who quite like a brass ****ing band.
Sue: Don’t be daft, Neil. It’s meaty. It’s music that says: “Come on! Let’s have an adventure!”
Me: I had a trumpet when I was at school, and yet I never tried to play the Doctor Who theme on it.
Sue: Why not?
Me: Because it was a trumpet.
Sue: Oh, do shut up. This is brilliant. It takes me right back.

It takes Sue all the way back to Saturday March 26th 2005 – the last time she saw this episode. For some inexplicable reason, she didn’t watch it over and over again on an endless loop like some people I could mention.

Me: Do you remember the first time?
Sue: I remember you were an over-excited child for about a month. You were unbearable, frankly. Actually, it wasn’t a month, it was more like a year. Do you remember that time you made me pull over on the way to work so you could photograph a billboard on the side of the road? That was a bit much.

I remind her that we watched the leaked version of Rose a couple of weeks earlier.

Sue: Did I watch this episode twice, then?
Me: Well, you were in the same room as me when the BBC broadcast it, so yes. Although we were living in a caravan at the time so you didn’t really have a choice.
Sue: And how many times did you watch the other version before it was on TV?
Me: Oh, not that many. About a dozen.

RoseThe series begins in Earth’s orbit.

Me: Do you get this reference to Spearhead from Space, Sue?
Sue: No.
Me: Definitive proof that the last four years were a complete waste of time.

There are probably more edits in the first 90 seconds of Rose than there are in the whole of The Keys of Marinus.

Sue: This is wonderful. It’s pacey and exciting and modern. And I love the music. Russell T Davies is really good at setting things up with quirky musical montages like this. He does exactly the same thing in Cucumber. Oh yes, the Autons are in this one, aren’t they? You see, there’s nothing wrong with my memory; I just remember the stuff I like.

In the department store where she works, Rose Tyler heads to the basement to collect some lottery money.

Sue: Did you still hate Billie Piper at this point, Neil?
Me: I never hated Billie Piper.
Sue: Don’t make me laugh. You went mental when they cast her. I didn’t hear the end of it. How long did it take before you changed your mind?
Me: Shut up.
Sue: Do we ever find out what happened to Wilson? The suspense is ****ing killing me.

Rose explores the basement.

RoseMe: Do you remember what went wrong here?
Sue: Yes, the Autons have invaded the shop.
Me: No, I mean, can you remember what went wrong when they broadcast this episode?
Sue: Oh yes, Graham Norton. You had a fit. I think you threatened to phone the BBC and complain. Or did I imagine that? Actually, you probably wanted me to do it for you and I refused.
Me: Anyway, there’s no point moaning about it now – it’s not as if anything like that will ever happen again. That would be insane.

Rose is surrounded by Autons.

Sue: This is proper scary. It was a great idea to bring back the Autons. If you know what the Autons are, it’s really exciting. And if you don’t know what the Autons are, well, then it’s strange and exciting. It’s win-win.

The Doctor grabs Rose’s hand and tells her to run.

RoseSue: Bloody hell, even the monsters can run! They never managed that in the old series. Come on, Neil, cheer up! This is brilliant.
Me: What do you think of Christopher Eccleston?
Sue: What kind of stupid question is that? He’s brilliant, obviously.
Me: What about his clothes? Doesn’t it bother you that this is the first time you could cosplay a Doctor by accident? You know, after wandering into a branch of TK Maxx.
Sue: It suits him. He’s the Hard Guy Doctor, after all. It shows that he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s rugged. Like a builder.
Me: Colin Baker says he wishes he’d worn an outfit like that when he was playing the Doctor. He reckons it would have made all the difference.
Sue: To be fair, a black bin bag would have made all the difference to Colin.

The biggest surprise so far is that Sue thinks Keith Boak is a bona fide genius. Yes, I know!

Sue: The direction is superb. There are some really clever transitions, especially with the alarm clock. And it’s moving like nobody’s business. I love it.

The Doctor turns up at Rose’s council flat on the Powell Estate.

Sue: He’s only just noticed his big ears. Does that mean he’s just regenerated? It’s a shame we never got to see that.
Me: We do get to see that. In eight and a half years. Although we were expecting Paul McGann, not John Hurt, to start sprouting big ears. It’s funny how things turn out.
Sue: Oh yeah… He’s just had an adventure with Matt Smith and David Tennant, hasn’t he? It’s hard to get your head around that, isn’t it? It puts a whole new spin on things. Does he remember any of that?
Me: No.
Sue: Because if he did then he’d know that Rose was important because he’d just seen her. Well, someone who looked like her. Does that make sense?
Me: God no. It’s probably best if you don’t think about it too much.

Sue nearly jumps out of her skin when an Auton’s disembodied arm attacks the Doctor and Rose, and then she laughs like a drain when Jackie Tyler’s hair dryer drowns out the unfolding chaos.

Sue: I don’t care what anybody says: Russell T Davies is a ****ing genius.

Rose wants to know what the hell is going on, but the Doctor fobs her off.

Sue: I don’t remember this Doctor being as jokey as this. Did he tone it down for the other episodes, because he’s acting like he’s coked-up or something. He doesn’t even walk like a Doctor. He’s strutting!

RoseThe Doctor’s mood takes a serious turn.

Sue: Ah, this is the Doctor I remember. This is Eccleston at his best. They were lucky to get him, you know.

Rose decides to track the Doctor down and her research leads her to the world’s worst web designer (aka Clive).

Me: They missed a trick here. They should have included a scene where Clive showed Rose pictures of all the other Doctors. That would have been nice.
Sue: Yeah, it would have been nice for you, but for someone who hadn’t seen Doctor Who before, it would have done their head in. Although I wouldn’t believe a word this man says anyway, because he can’t Photoshop for shit!
Me: Some fans think this proves the Doctor hasn’t regenerated recently, because he’s been to all those other places, like the Titanic and Krakatoa.
Sue: Well, they’re ****ing idiots. He’s a time traveller. He goes there later. Obviously.

Meanwhile, Rose’s boyfriend, Mickey Smith, is wrestling with a wheelie bin.

Sue: This is all right. I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that, Neil. Have you actually seen Doctor Who before?

The bin swallows Mickey… then burps.

Sue: Come on, Neil! It’s funny!

RoseWe’re probably going to have to get used to this over the next 13 weeks, but the only time Sue shows any disdain for the episode is when Rose fails to notice that her boyfriend is now even less realistic than usual.

Sue: She’s a bit thick. There she is talking about finishing her A-Levels and yet she doesn’t seem to realise that her boyfriend has just injected several gallons of botox into his face. What’s that all about?

When the Doctor rescues Rose from Auton-Mickey, the impostor’s hands suddenly transform into… wait for it… giant spatulas.

Sue: He’s got the perfect hands for making butter.

Rose enters the TARDIS for the first time. We both agree that it’s beautifully done.

Sue: Ooh, I just got goosebumps.

The Doctor tells Rose that the assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn’t get inside his blue box even if they tried (and they have).

Sue: Was that a reference to Marco Polo? Was that for the fans?

Marco Polo is still fresh in Sue’s mind because she only watched it a few weeks ago. And if you don’t believe me, please buy our new book.

RoseMe: So what do you think of the new console room?
Sue: I love it. It’s very organic.
Me: Really? I thought you’d miss all the wood.
Sue: It makes the TARDIS feel more alive. And a bit more scary, too. Plus I’ve touched it in real life, which is nice.

The Doctor tells Rose why his TARDIS looks like a police telephone box. “It’s a disguise!” he declares, proudly.

Sue: I love how he doesn’t realise how bloody stupid that sounds. This is a lot funnier than I remember.
Me: Oh, just in case you’re interested, this is the point where I realised I was completely wrong about Billie Piper. Happy now?

The Doctor has just the thing he needs to stop the Autons: ANTI-PLASTIC!

Sue: (Laughing) That should be really stupid but it’s brilliant. The dialogue in this scene is completely bonkers but I like they way the programme doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun!

The Doctor and Rose clasp hands and race across Westminster Bridge. We turn to each other and smile.

Sue: It feels very confident for a first episode. I feels… joyous.

Deep beneath the London Eye, Rose is reunited with her boyfriend, who isn’t dead after all.

Sue: Why is Mickey just sitting there? He isn’t even tied up! What a clown!

The Auton’s invasion begins.

Me: Do you get this reference to Spearhead from Space, Sue?
Sue: Actually, I do remember the body-popping aliens, yes. And is it just me or are these little kiddie Autons a bit close to the bone?

An Auton kills Clive.

RoseSue: Poor Clive. He’ll never get to travel in the TARDIS, now. He could have been Christopher Eccleston’s Bernard Cribbins.
Me: They used the original sound effect for the Auton’s hand gun. HOW BRILLIANT IS THAT? That’s what I remember thinking the first time I saw this.
Sue: You must have been so relieved at this point, Neil. I mean, look at it! This must have been a dream come true for you. Just imagine how you’d have felt if this had turned out to be shit.

The Doctor is restrained by two Autons as he tires to negotiate with the Nestene Consciousness.

Sue: Actually, he can’t be that hard if he can’t get out of this. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried nutting them yet.

Rose takes the initiative and saves the day. She got the bronze, you know.

Sue: Come on, Rose! She’s basically a cockney Buffy. And there’s nowt wrong with that.

The Auton invasion has been foiled, but at what cost?

Sue: It looks to me like thousands of people have died. What the hell were UNIT doing when all this was going on? Why didn’t the Doctor ring them up and warn them? Has he lost their number?

The Doctor offers Rose the opportunity to go anywhere in the universe with him, but she turns him down to look after what Sue calls “the piano on her back”.

Sue: (Singing) Hey Mickey, you’re so shite, you’re so shite you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!

The TARDIS dematerialises. However, a few seconds later, it returns.

Me: The Doctor has 400 adventures and goes through 17 companions in that gap.
Sue: He probably took a trip on the Titanic while he was thinking about which chat-up line to try on Rose next.

RoseThe Doctor forgot to tell Rose that the TARDIS can travel in time as well, which finally seals the deal, and the episode concludes with Rose racing into the TARDIS for a trip of a lifetime.

Sue: What took her so long? He had me at “Run”.


The Score

Sue: This is the easiest score I’ve ever had to give:


Me: Are you serious?
Sue: Of course I am. That was proper Doctor Who. It had everything: comedy, suspense, adventure, drama. What more do you want?
Me: But the bin –
Sue: It’s for kids!
Me: Yeah, but the bin –
Sue: Look, I have a soft spot for that episode. It was the first episode of Doctor Who that was made for me, if you know what I mean.
Me: No, not really. And you didn’t react like this the first time you saw it. You would have struggled to give five or six out of 10 in 2005. So what happened?
Sue: I don’t know. Maybe the last four years weren’t a complete waste of time, after all.
Me: Fantastic.




  1. Huw  March 26, 2015

    You’re BACKKKKKKK!!!! Thank you – I’ve missed you both.

  2. Dave Sanders  March 26, 2015

    Welcome back – lucky me, I got to read the leaked version by email before it was officially broadcast on the blog. Should have called this one ‘Rose coloured glasses’ – Sue is officially a ‘fan’ now that she’s had her memories tainted forever by association with ‘her’ Doctor. John Nathan-Turner was right after all.

    To be fair, your average tweet has more drafts and edits than The Keys Of Marinus.

    • Mag  March 27, 2015

      Did the leaked version of the blog post have the Delia Derbyshire version theme song instead of Murray Gold’s version? That was my first memory of Rose, listening to the 1970s theme on the leaked episode hot off the torrents.

      • Frankymole  March 27, 2015

        And that music has never been bettered.

      • Dave Sanders  March 27, 2015

        Of course it does. Neil was in charge of it.

        • Dave Sanders  March 27, 2015

          And no unwarranted interruptions by Gary Norton.

  3. Kirk  March 26, 2015

    This was joyous!

    Fantastic, indeed…

    I’m looking forward to this regeneration!

  4. Lorcan  March 26, 2015


  5. Nick Kirby  March 26, 2015

    Welcome back indeed! Can’t say I agree with any of Sue’s views this time around – I was utterly crushed as I thought the whole thing was dreadful, Eccleston included. I have developed a deep antipathy towards nearly everything that RTD had a hand in, so I’ll try not to comment much as I don’t want my negative view to spoil things for people. Glad Sue enjoyed it though.

    PS – if you haven’t bought your copy of The Miserable Git, what are you waiting for?!

  6. Bridget  March 26, 2015

    I just finished reading the previous entries, so this is a welcome treat.

    First of all, I love Sue’s comments. As a huge fan, I agree with everything wholeheartedly– especially the score.

    Second of all, I hope that Sue can give her opinion on David Tennant’s episodes at some point. That’d be interesting!

  7. TheCurseOfFenwicks  March 26, 2015

    Hello hello hello! My goodness, this blog being back feels as much of an event as the anniversary itself. Been reading since the beginning, but for some reason never got round to commenting in all that time. Remedying that now — hello!

    But yes, 100% agreement with Sue here. Some of it’s a load of bollocks, yes. But it’s brilliant bollocks. We can hardly pretend the old show was all absolutely flawless, can we? The cheesiness lives on!

    To both you and, ten years ago, the show: welcome back!

  8. Glen Allen  March 26, 2015

    It amuses me greatly to see (having just read your marvellous MISERABLE GIT book. Still available at all good retailers) that Sue was nonplussed about the first ever episode which started the whole thing, and yet this is a fantastic 10 out of 10. It makes me (SERIOUSLY) want them do ‘Time Flight’ with today’s technology.

    I shall exit now as I’m being grabbed by the Xeraphin and it’s rather quite painful. Bloody soap suds everywhere.

  9. jsd  March 26, 2015

    Welcome back. I forgot how much I loved looking forward to reading your posts. I’m glad Sue is so positive. There is a lot to love in this first episode. Of course it’s rough and a lot of the Auton Mickey stuff is childish and poorly executed, but most of the Rose/Doctor stuff is bang on the money.

  10. Jason  March 26, 2015

    Yay, welcome back! Great review as always, I’m glad Sue was so enthusiastic about Rose.

    I’m an American, and I was born too late to watch original Who when it was airing, but I did catch lots of Fourth Doctor reruns on PBS and SciFi. And even though I’d never seen any of the other Doctors, I would check out Doctor Who books from the library and read up on all the other Doctors and companions I’d never seen before.

    So when I heard the show was coming back, I downloaded it straight away (it wouldn’t come to America for like, a year). And at first I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But by the time I got to the scene in the next episode, with the Doctor tearing up as he talked about his people to the tree-lady, I was sold.

    For as much as we bicker about which episodes are great and which episodes are trash, and who the better modern show-runner was, I’m just glad we have new episodes to fight about. Here’s to another 10 years!

    • Christine  April 9, 2015

      Jason, when he teared up that was my exact moment too!

  11. Jon  March 26, 2015

    Well done Sue! You have summed out my feelings exactly for this episode! It was fantastic! Love the thought that a short time ago be had been with Tennant and Matt.

  12. Ste  March 26, 2015

    Welcome back Neil and Sue.

    What’s happened to Glen; you can’t have Nu-Who without the next-time trailer?
    Think of the fuss with the box sets.


    • Neil Perryman  March 26, 2015

      Glen will be here next week!

      • Anonymous  March 29, 2015

        Thank goodness. It’s great to have the band back together.

  13. Stuart D  March 26, 2015

    Again, welcome back Neil and Sue. I discovered your site at the end of last year and loved it, so am delighted you are back.

    Yeah, Rose has its cheesy moments, it took a few episodes for New Who to bed in properly, but at the time did we care? I watched the episode on a loop for a week afterwards, and I was so excited the day of transmission it was worrying. I felt like I was ten all over again!!

    Is it worth mentioning The Horror Channel are showing episodes classic Doctor Who. They started on Kinda tonight. This is great for those of us, unlike Sue, who still have not seen every episode. :o)

  14. Mendou  March 26, 2015

    A long run, then a hiatus which many thought meant the end, and yet everything comes together better than ever. Well done, Neil and Sue!

    • Dave Sanders  March 27, 2015

      Don’t forget the male lead who intends to quit after one season.

      • Frankymole  March 29, 2015

        Didn’t Eccleston’s quittage come to light before the second episode had even aired?

        • Nick Mays  March 29, 2015

          It did, Franky, before the second episode was even aired as I recall. A shame actually, because it had been planned to keep the regeneration at the end of the series a secret.

          Ah well…

  15. Morrellium  March 26, 2015

    Great to see you guys back! I’ve always found Auton Mickey the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen in Doctor Who, i mean come on! How can’t Rose notice he looks different?!

    • Nick Mays  March 29, 2015

      Ummm… ‘cos at that stage she’s pretty fick? And Mickey moisterizes a lot?

  16. Anniew  March 27, 2015

    Oh Frabjous day. Calloo kaley.
    You are both back and so on form!

    I really liked Christopher as the Doc and after the truly dreadful movie was very reassured by New Who. As ever though RTD goes so far over top at times in the series I get an allergic reaction. And I was seriously pissed when Christopher left after one season. Rose well I had a love hate relationship with her as I’ve had with all the inspirational female companions of recent years. They are just all so luverly ! Prefer Leila, Sarah Jane and Ace who cock it up from time to time.
    A decade of Doctor Who is a special treat. Thank you for sharing. Listening to it made me realise just how fabulous Peter Capaldi’s voice is and how much I love him as the Doctor! He has such a huge presence I can really believe he’s a Lord of Time. I think he may be my favourite ever ( this from someone who never really got over the regeneration of Tom Baker who I also adored). I do hope he and Tom meet up at some point in the future!

    Oh welcome back. It feels like Birthday, Christmas , Easter, summer picnics and Barbecues with mates all rolled into one perfect package.

  17. Tattva  March 27, 2015

    You pair rock! Welcome back! xx

  18. Gavin Noble  March 27, 2015

    I was worried that it wouldn’t be as good as the original but this NuBlog is as good as it always was.

  19. Matt Blanchette  March 27, 2015


    (Sorry; wasn’t sure if my original comment’s use of the S-word tipped off the moderation thing, so redid it milder, but still, HOLY CRAP!!! :-D)

  20. Mag  March 27, 2015

    Funny that Sue gave Spearhead from Space a 10 too. Something about Autons and a new Doctor’s first outing maybe?

  21. Sean  March 27, 2015

    In a word, fantastic.

    No, not Rose – it’s still a brave first go with just a hint of how good new Who would be very, very shortly (precisely a week going by 2005’s calendar) – but what a fantastic summation from Sue. And the blog they said would never happen is up and running (and let’s hope they never stop).

    Oh, and that video. I wept.

  22. Chris-Too-Old-To-Watch  March 27, 2015

    Welcome back you two!
    Glad I’m not the only one who hated the thought of Billie Piper then changed my mind. I loved this story, and had to remind myself to keep breathing during the entire 45 minutes. RTD was, and is, one of my favourite writers and he proved himself time and time again with this series. Loved it.

  23. James  March 27, 2015

    Sorry Neil but Sue is absolutely right. Rose is perfect and flawless in every way, really couldn’t be bettered as an opener, and as a joyous, perfectly judged piece of television and Doctor Who.

    (She’s wrong about Keith Boak mind: it’s Joe Ahearne who’s the genius: nearly half what we see on screen was added and shot later by Joe in and around his (later) production block)

  24. Barry Stavers  March 27, 2015

    Welcome back guys.

    Not really too much to add to the other comments on this episode that hasn’t already been said.
    I agree to most, to a certain extent. But I do think the Mickey auton was possibly a good idea on paper, but was woefully executed.
    And that frigging wheelie bin… Neil, you have my complete backing on that one, son.
    Overall for me, it was a case of ‘after this long a wait for it to return, I really, REALLY do hope it gets better’
    (Thankfully, it did ????????????)


  25. Nick Mays  March 27, 2015

    Welcome back Neil and Sue! But in reality, you’ve never really been away… 🙂

    I remember watching ‘Rose’ when it was broadcast with mixed feelings. Mostly positive, a “quite good” start to the new series, but I found the 9th Doctor’s character too jarring to sit comfortably with me. But later in the series, I realised how cleverly RTD had written him – this is a battle-scarred Doctor who thinks he’s committed mass genoicide. Of course he’s feeling a bit off! Yes, there are some daft bits – Rose going to work in a hoody and jeans for a start off, Rose not noticing that Mickey is made of plastic, a McGuffin resolution (“Anti Plastic”? I’m surprised it didn’t say ‘Acme [TM] on the bottle!).

    Can’t agree that it merits a 10/10, but I’d give it a good 7/10 for getting things moving again. And there was a LOT better to come!

    • Frankymole  March 29, 2015

      Yes, there was a lot better to come… and a lot worse! Fear them…

  26. Richard Lyth  March 27, 2015

    Welcome back! I love it how the roles have reversed, with Sue now being the obsessive fan forgiving all the episode’s faults while Neil can be slightly more objective about it. (We may need Neil’s scores from now on, as I suspect Sue will be giving every episode a 10…)

    I’d give it a 7 myself, it does the job of kicking the whole thing off but some dodgy moments let it down. The Autons are still scary though – surprising they haven’t been brought back more often.

    • Nick Mays  March 28, 2015

      I agree about the Autons. I was just shy of 7 years old when I first saw “Spearhead From Space” in 1970 and they did have me diving for cover behind the settee (like Neil and Sue, we weren’t posh enough for a sofa). They were also scary the folloiwng year in Terror of the Autons. Whenever I watch either story now, I still get that visceral feeling of fright from my memory.

      Trouble is, when they were last brought back they were “Any Monster Extras” in ‘The Pandorica Opens’ and the Moff saw fit to make Rory into a cuddly Auton. Bring them back yes, but make them scary and harder to beat than with a handy dandy bottle of ‘Acme Anti Plastic’.

  27. Mrs Jo Smith  March 27, 2015

    Welcome back you two.

    I remember the build up to this airing, I also watched the leaked version at least a dozen times.

    Please please, blog all the new series, it would be amazing.

    Jo x

  28. Jason M.  March 27, 2015

    You’re back, and it’s about…. no, never mind. Welcome back, Sue, to the land of Dr. Who! Her “Mickey” song was… fantastic. My wife & I watched this again a few months back. It’s a lot more broadly comic than later episodes of New Who would be, but the energy level and pace really help sell it in a way that the 1996 TV movie never quite achieved. Like Sue, I also have a minority-opinion love for Keith Boak’s direction. Rock on, Neil & Sue!

    • Matt Blanchette  March 28, 2015

      Glad to see you’re back, though, Jason. How go the Doctor Who novels? 🙂

  29. KatieC  March 28, 2015

    Welcome back!! Glad you’re enjoying Doctor Who so much Sue, and you’re right, Rose is a lot of fun. Not sure I’d have given it as much as a 10, but I bet the kids loved it, laughs one minute, scares the next, brilliant!

  30. Flynn Sullivan  March 28, 2015

    Welcome back!! My god, it’s like a dream come true.
    The Wife In Space and the Ninth Doctor… two of my favourites together at last.

    I’m a bit surprised this got a 10/10, since it seems really cheesy looking back, but then again, Series 1 is Series 1(i.e. fantastic).
    Looking forward to your posts!!

  31. BWT  March 28, 2015

    Nice to see you both back again.

    10/10, eh? Same score as “Spearhead from Space”. Nice. The missus and I sat down to watch this ten years go and she loved it too. She liked the following one even better, and so did I. Really looking forward to what Sue thinks of it too…

  32. Jonathan A  March 28, 2015

    Can it really be ten years since I and others were writing bits and bobs for Tachyon TV about how excited we were about watching this?? After all that build up it couldn’t live up to it, of course, but the fact that so many non-fans loved it (to the bafflement of many old timers) ensured it was a success from the off…Great to have you two back!

  33. Derek Handley  March 28, 2015

    Welcome back! So lovely to see the blog back. It made my Saturday afternoon!

    I remember having mixed feelings about this episode when I saw it, exactly because of the scenes you disliked, Neil. I was afraid that the burping bin and plasticized Mickey would be all people focused on and the show would fail because of that – my fervent wish to see it succeed and ‘be taken seriously’ made me cringe at those scenes.

    But Sue’s so right – it’s fun and it started the new show unabashedly as it meant to continue.

    I really like that Sue’s also interviewing you in this post – it’s a look at how you reacted to the show ten years ago too!

  34. Andrew Davis  March 29, 2015

    Yay, you’re doing the New Series! This is the first time I get to follow the blog live. While I wouldn’t give “Rose” a ten, I have to agree with the general sentiment – the episode’s an massive joy and nostalgia rush for me, the minor flaws barely seem important.

  35. Steve Trimingham  March 29, 2015

    Welcome back. It feels like you were never away!

    Ten years. TEN YEARS (in Jeremy Piven voice)

    I love Sue’s enthusiasum and how watching Classic Who has informed her appreciation of the beginnings of Nu Who.

    My first impressiiion was generally positive but a little wary that it was so different. 16 years of changes in television drama makes for a big leap so it was a future shock in a sense. I was sold on Billie, not crazy about Noel and fairly convinced by Chris. Having seen his turn as a cat theatre empresario in the League of Gentlemen, I knew he had the lightness of touch and absurdity the part required, but it wasn’t until The Unquiet Dead that I was fully convinced.

    Here’s to the rest of series 1

    Best of luck with it and I’m loving the new book.


  36. chris-Too-Old-Too-Watch  March 30, 2015

    Some great comments, which hold promise for some good weeks to come. Unfortunately I can already detect the “This is rubbish because RTD wrote it and not The Great God Moffat” and the “Come back RTD, before Moffat destroys this show.” hovering in the wings.

  37. JellyBabies  March 30, 2015

    I was wondering, is there any chance of a physical copy of ‘The Miserable Git’ being released?

    • Neil Perryman  March 30, 2015

      Yes, a few copies will be available to buy in April.

  38. Robin Brown  March 31, 2015

    I hated, hated, hated Rose. Despised it. Yes, the bin but the music, how stupid Rose was in not noticing anything that was going on around her, the mugging and shouting, the direction. And how everything is played for laughs.

    But then I loved The End of the World. Go figure.

  39. Andy Luke  April 3, 2015

    \o/ Yay \o/

    The catch for me in this is the “hard as nails” Doctor. See, it took me many years to connect with Classic or Nu, a sort of separation anxiety common to living in Northern Ireland. All the doctors were Englanders, many dressed in fancy jackets of the upper class kind…

    Well, a skinny Northerner in a leather bomber jacket hit the realist spot for me. Eccleston reminded me of a really cool friend who dressed similarly and lived on a council estate. He had a friend like Rose – an odd relationship – her aspirations were limited, she talked constantly, and wasn’t the brightest. I think these two inadvertantly helped the bridging, and Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler was the icing on the social realist cake. I adored the Eccleston era, and this episode kicked it off with all the vitals in place.

  40. MarkyMark  April 5, 2015

    Welcome back, you two. I’ve missed you !! That’s all I have to say (unusually !!!)

  41. Robert Dick  April 7, 2015

    Sue’s right about the bin.

    I laughed when it aired and I laughed when i watched it a couple of weeks ago.

    • Nick Mays  April 7, 2015

      On first screening, I think I may have chuckled a bit when the bin burped, but maybe winced at the same time because I wanted Dr Who to be taken seriously. But… I re-watched ‘Rose’ for probably the first time in 9 years last night and I laughed at this scene. I guess it works in the context of the fact that the bin may have needed to take on extra oxygen to keep Mickey alive during the replication process – which obviously took place on the street as he was waiting in the car for Rose when she came out of Clive’s house.

      Or maybe just because it’s just funny!

      In fact, the whole episode was a lot better than I thought it would be or remembered it to be. Perhaps the memory DOES cheat!

      Anyway, it helped having this marvellous blog to read and the ‘Fact of Fiction’ feature on ‘Rose’ in the latest ish of DWM. Next up, ‘End of the World’… 😉

  42. Wholahoop  April 8, 2015

    Ah Rose. What memories does this rekindle? Heart melting at the sight of the TARDIS on the road outside the store; thinking “WTF was that?” when Rose was interrupted by the feed from Graham Norton’s show; groaning at the burping bin (I still think it’s naff) but on the whole, thinking how little substance there seemed (to me) to be to the story. I didn’t hate it and thought that stylistically it looked good but I was not that impressed. It’s no Spearhead from Space, 5/10

  43. encyclops  April 10, 2015

    Lovely to have you both back! I’m just catching up now.

    In hindsight, “Rose” and “The End of the World” are two of my favorite episodes this season. But at the time, yeah, the jury was still out. The broad comedy wasn’t as big a problem as the new “cool” Doctor. Even now, watching it, I love Eccleston’s portrayal, but he never seems like the same Doctor, whereas all the others, as different as they were, always did.

  44. encyclops  April 10, 2015

    Oh, but you’re right, Neil, this version of the theme music is trash. It’s all been downhill since season 22.

  45. Dave Simmons  April 12, 2015

    If you’re going to have a scene where a wheelie bin eats someone, you can’t complain when it burps afterwards. By all the laws of narrative, it /has/ to burp. The universe would make no sense otherwise.

  46. Jollygooner  April 21, 2015

    Oh you’re back! This time I’m only a few weeks late to the party rather than 18 months 🙂
    I will watch along with you and the brilliant posters above.
    For what it’s worth I’d give Rose a 7. Some good moments, some cheesy. a little too frantic but Ecclestone was marvellous, as was Rose. Ultimately this episode had a mission (to win new viewers and entice the old fans back and get good ratings) and it achieved it.