The Powell Estate, London.

aliens1Me: The estate was named after Jonathan Powell, the **** who cancelled Doctor Who.
Sue: And what’s wrong with having a housing estate named after you? Didn’t Nelson Mandela have some flats named after him? I would have been flattered.

The Doctor has brought Rose home.

Sue: So the Doctor can steer the TARDIS, then. I wish this programme would make its bloody mind up.

While Rose rushes off to find her mother, the Doctor is drawn to a poster on a concrete pillar.

Sue: I remember this episode. And I know what it says on that poster. I says “Bad Wolf”.

She’s wrong, of course. It’s worse than that.

Sue: He can’t ****ing steer it!

Rose has been missing for a year.

Sue: Her mum must have thought she’d been abducted, sexually assaulted and killed. How grim is that? She probably hasn’t slept in a year. That’s ****ed up, that is.

The TARDIS is covered in graffiti.

Aliens of LondonSue: Who was that boy? I know Rose is doing this (I remember that much), so is she mind-controlling him from the future? If she is, why doesn’t she make him tell herself what the hell is going on, and what she’s supposed to do about it later? Which I can’t remember by the way, so don’t ask. Anyway, she’s making it too complicated for herself.

Jackie Tyler slaps the Doctor into next week.

Sue: He deserved that. I would have done exactly the same thing if that had been Nicol. Actually, I probably would have punched him.

And then Rose accuses the Doctor of being ‘gay’.

Me: I remember that being quite controversial at the time. Using the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory term.
Sue: If Russell T Davies hadn’t written that line, I’d probably agree. But Russell T Davies did write that line, and I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing. I’m certainly not going to argue with him.

And then a spaceship crashes into Big Ben.

Sue: Wow. This is very 911 all of a sudden. Except the Doctor is laughing his head off.

The Doctor believes that this could lead to Earth’s first contact with aliens.

Aliens of LondonSue: Eh? What? But… But Earth has been invaded loads of times. What about the Yeti on the tube. And the Daleks on Westminster Bridge…
Me: That happens in Earth’s future, love. And we have to assume that the government covered up the early invasion attempts. Witnesses didn’t have camera phones back then, and YouTube hadn’t been invented, either. Oh look, I think that’s UNIT…
Sue: I bet they still can’t shoot straight. Some things never change.

A crowd has gathered to gawp at the UFO crash site.

Sue: This is exactly like the first Quatermass.

No, my wife hasn’t turned into a geek; we watched the The Quatermass Experiment a couple of weeks ago for a side-project we’re working on. She’s right, though. The only thing missing is a BBC reporter.

Sue: I don’t believe Jackie would let the Doctor back into her flat after what’s happened. I would have put a restraining order on him by now.

The Doctor wants to watch the News, but a toddler on his knee has other ideas.

Sue: Oh no! Not that bloody set again! I hurt my back moving that ****ing table today.

Aliens of LondonYes, my wife just named-dropped a set. The Blue Peter set, to be precise, which Matt Baker is currently using to, erm, bake on. The university where Sue works bought it when the programme moved to Salford, which means she now has to work on it every single day.

Sue: It’s not as good as your best mate turning up in an episode of Doctor Who, but it’s pretty close.
Me: John Paul wasn’t that wooden, love.

Meanwhile, a doctor named Sato is performing an autopsy on a body that UNIT fished out of the Thames.

Sue: Oh, it’s her. It’s whatsherface from Torchwood. Another one! See. Everything’s connected, Neil.

Sato wants to know if it’s true what people are saying about the Prime Minster.

Sue: That he can’t eat a bacon sandwich?

Meanwhile, the Doctor continues to monitor events from his TARDIS.

Sue: (Pointing at Andrew Marr) Oh, he’s actually real.
Me: Yeah, even his ears are real. Imagine that.

Andrew Marr is reporting live outside 10 Downing Street. Joseph Green, the MP for Hartley Dale, has been summoned there to deal with the emergency.

aliens6Sue: I bet he was the MP for Hartlepool until they got cold feet and changed it. We’ll elect anybody in Hartlepool. Our mayor used to be a monkey.

He used to be a football mascot who looked like a monkey, actually.

Sue: Oh look, it’s that guy from Teachers. And she’s famous, too. She’s the Prime Minster.
Me: Not yet she isn’t. She’s Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North.
Sue: How do you remember shit like that? Honestly, Neil.

When a group of MPs (including “her off EastEnders“) start farting up a storm, Sue can’t help herself.

Me: Why are you laughing, Sue?
Sue: Because it’s funny! Watching people pump when they shouldn’t be pumping is always funny, Neil.
Me: I don’t see you laughing when I do it.
Sue: Do you know if Gordon Brown suffered from IBS? It could be a reference to that.

The Tylers’ flat is far too domestic for the Doctor, so he heads back to his TARDIS once again.

Sue: He’s the only Doctor who looks like he belongs on a housing estate. Can you imagine Colin Baker walking around that estate after dark? He wouldn’t last five minutes.

Aliens of LondonMickey spots the Doctor, but the TARDIS dematerialises before he can reach him. This results in a spectacular pratfall, the likes of which hadn’t been seen on British television since The World of Harold Lloyd was repeated on BBC2 in the early 1980s.

Sue: What a dick.

The Doctor hammers the living shit out of the TARDIS console.

Sue: No wonder it doesn’t work properly!

And there’s even more banging to come. Only this time it’s emanating from a freezer in a hospital morgue.

Sue: This reminds me of the Paul McGann episode. They’ve even lit it the same way.

Dr Sato prepares to open the freezer door.

Sue: Has she never seen a horror film? What the **** does she think she’s doing? Run away!
Me: I think the scene coming up next is the first thing Christopher Eccleston filmed for Doctor Who.
Sue: This bit here, with him running down the corridor? Did they say “Just do it like Ross Kemp”? Because he’s doing it just like Ross Kemp.

Aliens of LondonThe Doctor comes face to face with a pig.

Sue: Is this when Christopher Eccleston decided to leave?

Sue isn’t impressed with the pig to put it mildly. In fact, she thinks it’s ridiculous. She doesn’t even flinch when UNIT shoot the poor thing in the head at point-blank range.

Sue: I’m surprised UNIT managed to hit it. Even when it was that close.
Me: When I first saw this, I thought the pig had something to do with the Big Bad Wolf. You know, huffing and puffing the little pig’s house down.
Sue: Did you write an academic paper about that?
Me: Of course I did. It was valuable work.

General Asquith has been sent to coordinate the UK’s response to a UFO dropping out of the sky.

Sue: Don’t get me wrong, he’s very good, but it should be the Brigadier running UNIT. It doesn’t feel right, him not being there.

The Doctor examines the dead pig.

Sue: Can’t they just bring it back to life again? It’s not as if it wasn’t already dead. They stuck it in a freezer!

Aliens of LondonUNIT have been monitoring Earth’s communications for specific keywords, like ‘Blue Box’, ‘Doctor’, ‘TARDIS’ and ‘Question Mark Umbrella’. Okay, I made the last one up.

Sue: And ‘Clown’. Don’t forget ‘Clown’.

And not only did everyone believe that Mickey killed his girlfriend, he faithfully waited for her to return. For a whole year.

Sue: That’s nothing. Try waiting 2000 years dressed as a Roman, pet. Then we can talk.

Oh, and an alien has been shagging half of London whilst disguised as an MP.

Sue: I hope he put something on the end of it.
Me: Now there’s an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show I’d like to see: “I’ll Prove My Baby Is Yours. It’s Ten Years Old And It Still Looks Like A Baby.”

Thanks to Jackie grassing the Doctor up to the authorities (Sue doesn’t blame her), UNIT arrive at the Powell Estate to apprehend the Time Lord. Mickey is so overwhelmed by this hullabaloo, he does a runner.

Sue: If this was America, they would have shot Mickey in the back by now.

Rose and the Doctor are taken to 10 Downing Street.

Aliens of LondonSue: They look so happy. They’re having a wonderful time. It’s infectious.

The flatulence is infectious, too.

Sue: You don’t like the farting aliens very much, do you, Neil?
Me: (Through gritted teeth) What makes you say that?
Sue: Oh, I dunno. The tutting, the head-shaking, the way you keep biting your fist. I don’t know what your problem is. It’s a clever way of telling us who the aliens are, and the kids must have loved it. It’s funny and scary. But God help any overweight kids who farted at school after this.

The Doctor has been summoned to an important meeting.

Sue: This series of Doctor Who is very orange. There’s a warm glow to these scenes, although it looks as if the cast have been knocking out the zeds on a sun bed.

The Doctor has walked into a trap.

Sue: The aliens’ zips are a bit obvious, don’t you think? What about the MP who was shagging that poor man’s wife? Why didn’t she notice his zip?
Me: Something tells me they did it with the lights off, Sue.
Sue: So what happens if it’s a windy day? A gust of wind could blow her off EastEnders‘ fringe up, exposing her zipper for the whole world to see.
Me: It’s always a windy day for them, Sue.

As if to punctuate this point, Joseph Green lets rip again. “Would you rather silent but deadly?” he asks, menacingly.

Me: (With my head in my hands) Dear me.
Sue: (Laughing) Shut up, Neil. This is brilliant.

The Slitheen reveal themselves.

Aliens of LondonSue: Oh yes, I remember this lot now. You’re right, they do look like giant babies… The only problem I have with them is the amount of time it takes them to get changed. You could easily run away in the time it takes them to sort themselves out.

A policeman who has arrived at the Powell (spit) Estate to take a statement from Jackie is also an alien. So Jackie screams the place down.

Sue: Ooh, this must be the cliffhanger. A proper cliffhanger.

Or maybe not. Now we’re back inside Downing Street, where the Doctor being is being electrocuted to death.

Sue: No, this is definitely the cliffhanger.

And then we cut to Rose and Harriet Jones, who are being menaced by that Slitheen off EastEnders.

Sue: No, this can’t be the cliffhanger. Don’t stop here. Go back to the – Yes, that’s it. Yes, this one.

We’re back in Jackie’s flat again. No, wait, now we’re with the Doctor (who’s in agony, by the way).

Sue: No, not that one. The other one.

A Slitheen chuckles malevolently.

aliens3Sue: Oh no, that was a bit rubbish. Oh dear. They were spoilt for choice in the end. If only they were making 24, they could have shown all the cliffhangers at once. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter because everyone is the trailer for next week, so they must be all right.


The Score

Sue: I’m not giving it a score yet. We’re only half-way through the story. You didn’t ask me to score Genesis of the Daleks after two episodes, did you?
Me: Of course not. That would have been silly. We wouldn’t have been half-way through the story for a start.
Sue: I’m enjoying it so far. And I can’t remember what happens at the end, either, which is good. But I can’t wait to find out.


Next Time




  1. Lorcan  April 16, 2015

    Come on, Neil. Farting aliens. It’s funny.

    • DPC  April 16, 2015

      It’s only funny if one is in a third grade special education class. Apparently “Doctor Who” now needs fart jokes in order to appeal to children. Imagine the show trying that in 1964, with Daleks collecting the gas to power their spaceships with instead of removing the Earth’s core — wow, a B-flick could indeed have been worse!

  2. Mike  April 16, 2015

    Firstly, so glad you guys are back – it’s like coming home to an old friend after a stressful day at work.

    I have to say that I am not a fan of either this or the next episode. I had been nervous about the new series before it launched (particularly the casting of Billie Piper), but had fallen in love with it by this point. However, this story was something of a set back for me. The trailer promised so much and this just didn’t deliver. I agree with Neil, the farting Slitheen were cringeworthy foes. They were more appropriate (but barely worked any better in it) for ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’.

    Enjoying the commentary as usual, and can’t wait to see what mark Sue gives it next week.

    • DPC  April 16, 2015

      Seconded – it’s great to see Neil and Sue to make a return! And to read their differences on these stories.

    • Nick Mays  April 17, 2015

      I recently re-watched Season 1 (or 27) inspired by this wonderful blog and I agree – these epiodes really don’t work and probably confirmed to a lot of casual viewers that Dr Who still did crap monsters. The IDEA of the Slitheen is good – an intergalactic criminal family – but they just don’t work that well in the flesh. Thank goodness for episode 6 after this.

      Funnily enough, in Boom Town (spoilers!), Margaret/Bron Slitheen was done a lot better by CGI and a single arm.

  3. Roy Watson-Davis  April 16, 2015

    Well after a breathless dash* through your brilliant blog from Hartnell to McCoy-mmm maybe I could blog about my reactions to your blog in an elegant demonstration of recursion a la Catrovalva-I thought I’d plough on to the new Who. This is one of the stories where I couldn’t get beyond the monsters, who seemed more like something from Pertwee era than modern i.e. I just couldn’t believe in them as aliens as they just looked like toys/rubber models. Also the live to animation shots don’t convince in any way.This affected the tone, and, add in the farting, it just seemed waay too artificial and forced.
    * took roughly two weeks of reading about one hour a day.

  4. Martin  April 16, 2015

    I’m with Sue – this episode is good fun, with great character work and a take on the Companions’ life that’s never been touched on before (except briefly in “Survival”). And I think the Slitheen are adorable.

  5. matt bartley  April 16, 2015

    Eccleston’s laughing on the rooftops really gets on my tits – trying way too hard for a crazy madcap vibe.

    Anyway, it’s really not very good, though I prefer WW3. However my eldest at the time was 6 and he loved it, so I guess it has its charms for a particular target audience. I’m just not it.

  6. Sean  April 16, 2015

    Sato wants to know if it’s true what people are saying about the Prime Minster.

    Sue: That he can’t eat a bacon sandwich?

    Not only funny, but topical too!

  7. Anniew  April 16, 2015

    i loved Chis Ecclestone – I like a Doc with street cred like him and Capaldi. Never forgave him for only doing one season. I agree this episode is silly but it’s fun too. So much better than some of the uber serious angsty stuff that is associated with other Docs. Unless the Doc has his twittish side he’s far too God like! And why shouldn’t Aliens fart? Humans do. And in a world which contains duck billed platypus, narwhals, salamanders and Stephen Fry I can take the notion of Aliens who look like the Slitheens.

    Oh this blog is so good! I love your arguments, Sue’s comments, Neil’s grumps. Lovely.

    • Dave Sanders  April 16, 2015

      Can you imagine what City Of Death would have been like if Julian Glover had been letting off the whole time? And we call Season Seventeen ‘whimsical’. 🙂

    • DPC  April 16, 2015

      The Slitheen did not fart. The noises made when removing the body suits made a fart-like sound, though in reality the scenes were set up to make light of fart jokes — any 99 cent iphone app can do that, and that’s cheaper than the budget afforded this 2-part travesty.

      Dave Sanders’ points are spot on as well. “City of Death” full of fart jokes would have been embarrassing in 1979… but Julian Glover is a class act. Not a gimmicky hack act.

      • Frankymole  April 17, 2015

        Make light of farts with a 99c iPhone? Surely a zippo would do it better?

  8. TheCurseOfFenwicks  April 16, 2015

    It is funny!

    Apart from Space Pig. Which is just crap.

    But it’s funny! And better than I remember it being. Which is nice. Especially with everything surrounding Rose going missing, which now hits home far harder than it did when watching this as a kid.

    • Dave Sanders  April 17, 2015

      Not the last time Doctor Who fans would have altercations about pigs. But at least this one makes sense, being the sort of trick a high-tech alien scam-artist could plausibly think of pulling off, and is actually quite horrible what they did to it, which nobody here is picking up on past the throwaway gag nature of it, despite the Doctor angrily declaiming it pretty much to our faces. Like much of the episode, a triumph of idea over execution, given that this is the first time the production had attempted anything even remotely close to this.

  9. encyclops  April 16, 2015

    Of all the things that could bug me about this story, for some reason it’s the pig that grates the most. I’m not sure why. There’s something about it that just seems so creepy and off.

    Speaking of creepy and off, I wish this were, instead of being tragically bang-on:
    Sue: If this was America, they would have shot Mickey in the back by now.

    I was surprised to find I enjoyed big chunks of this when I rewatched it recently, largely because I think Jackie and Mickey are terrific characters and the effort RTD took to ground this in some reality and really show you what it means for Rose to have dropped out of the world were among the new show’s greatest triumphs. Now that I know the Slitheen are coming, I can tune them out a bit and focus on the characters.

    Sue: That’s nothing. Try waiting 2000 years dressed as a Roman, pet. Then we can talk.

    Just kind of underscores how obnoxious that kind of inflation can be. 2000 years is a LONG time. It’s extremely difficult to take seriously and imagine its impact on Rory (apparently pretty much zero), and I’d like to.

    • Dave Sanders  April 16, 2015

      Five billion and fifty three years is a long time. Seven minutes for an airborne virus to wipe out a planet, at wind speeds that would blast all trace of civilization off the globe on its own, is, er, not.

      Eight years is also a long time, and I’m *still* not letting that one go.

    • Nick Mays  April 17, 2015

      It’s actually quite a serious point – Rose has been missing for a year, believed dead and poor Mickey cops for the blame. He says “Stuff put through my door” – what sort of stuff do we wonder? And poor Mickey stays on the estate because he is waiting for Rose – and she clearly doesn’t give a shit about what he’s been through, let alone her mum!

      Although the distrust and anger over Rose’s missing year is soon glossed over, at least it was addressed, which shows a difference of approach between RTD’s writing Steven Moffat’s “throwaway” lines like Rory being an Auton centurion (which I STILL can’t work out!) for 2,000 years and the 11th Doctor staying on Christmas/Trenzalore for 1,000 plus years. Even Amy waiting 20 odd years for Rory is dismissed fairly easily. The ‘grounding in relality’ from Season 1 was a daringly different take on Dr Who back then – we could do with more of it now.

      • Nick Mays  April 17, 2015

        Just to add to that, I couldn’t help but feel that The Moff was desperate to ensure that “his” Doctor was the oldest and longest lived of ALL the Doctors. Sounds a bit JN-T-ish to me… and he was the “longest serving Producer” who introduced 3 new Doctors.*

        I’ll just leave that thought out there… 😉

        *Not forgetting question mark motifs… 😉

      • davecw  April 20, 2015

        Sorry, Nick, but I don’t see how someone disappearing for a year and then returning, and then having that quickly glossed over shows a grounding in reality which was ignored in later seasons. Compare with, for example, the impact on Amy of the Doctor’s intermittent arrivals and departures in The Eleventh Hour, the first of which appears to have left her needing therapy for much of later young/early adolescent life. And Amy waiting the better part of twenty years for Rory was not treated glibly.

        • Nick Mays  April 21, 2015

          Hmmm… but am I correct in thinking that right at the end of Amy and Rory’s time, the Doctor DID go back for Amy when she was a kid and made her happy again? (Amy’s note to the Doctor in her ‘Melody’ book asked him to do this). So everybody was happy after all.

          • davecw  April 22, 2015

            Yup! But what we don’t know is how far that influenced the events that we actually saw, i.e. , was it the Doctor’s return trip and attempt to cheer-up Amelia the trigger which resulted in her ending up in therapy? Or was a whole new timeline created? Generally though it supports the basic argument that the initial incident was followed-up by Moffat rather than just being glossing-over.

          • encyclops  April 22, 2015

            Just for the record, I quite like “The Eleventh Hour” and wasn’t trying to make a general RTD vs. Moffat argument. I was specifically saying that I think Mickey waiting a year for Rose is quite sweet and just brief enough to be believable, and that Rory waiting 2000 years for Amy is just a little too long for me to get my head around. I’m not saying Rory wouldn’t wait, I’m just saying I’d expect him to be a bit more changed by the experience than he seemed to be. That is a mind-boggling amount of time, even for an Auton with a human’s psyche. By comparison, the Doctor only ages a few centuries leading up to “The Impossible Astronaut” and during “Time of the Doctor,” but even there it’s not always easy to wrap one’s head around the amount of time spent doing something different from what we see. I think Moffat — and Tom MacRae — are better about portraying smaller increments of time, as any mortal humans would be.

    • Dave Sanders  April 17, 2015

      The space pig is *meant* to be creepy and off, a bad taste left in the mouth after the novelty joke has played out and the poor thing’s had its head blown off.

      • Nick Mays  April 19, 2015

        Exactly right Dave – it’s supposed to be an almighty piss-take on the humans and the poor pig is terrified. Seeing it get shot traumatised my 5 year-old son at the time! 😉

        And in context it makes FAR more sense than the Pig Slaves in Season 3.

        So I, for one (or two) Love The Pig!

      • encyclops  April 20, 2015

        I agree it’s both appropriate and successful in its effect. It still has that effect.

        • Andy Luke  April 21, 2015

          Remember tortured space pig!

          (Not the false space-slave pig paradigm, that’s a dalek cover-up!)

  10. Dave Sanders  April 16, 2015

    That boy would grow up to be Tom Baker, as seen here:

  11. Dave Sanders  April 16, 2015

    David Cameron suffers from IDS. Will this do?

  12. Mark Faulkner  April 16, 2015

    I watched this for the first time in 10 years last night. 10 years ago I remember hating it. Last night, however, it wasn’t so bad. The difference? Ah, I watched it alone last night as opposed to being with company. Oh, and I was pissed. Thoroughly enjoyed it and completely re-evaluating Eccleston’s portrayal as the Doctor.

    • Nick Mays  April 17, 2015

      It’s funny you should say this Mark… We had similar viewing experiences. 😉

  13. John Williams  April 16, 2015

    Valuable work.

  14. Flynn Sullivan  April 17, 2015

    Great fun as always, although I don’t get why you’re splitting up the review. If you put a new series two-parter together, it’d basically be a classic series four-parter and I definitely don’t remember you splitting up those.
    Oh well. I thought the episode was fun(although the pig was a bit too far) and a nice contemporary story after historical and futuristic ones. Eccleston and Piper are on the top of their game.

  15. Andy Luke  April 17, 2015

    Brainworm! I came to this singing Glen’s trailer.

    Sue: He’s the only Doctor who looks like he belongs on a housing estate. Can you imagine Colin Baker walking around that estate after dark? He wouldn’t last five minutes.

    Oh dear God! Too much too much!

    Aye, so I’d braced to filter the farting out, but then I noticed there were no thin people among the farters. How gay! Jackie Tyler really is a one-colour spectrum of awesome though. Rainbow Coat would be safe on the estate with her guarding his back.

  16. Chris-Too-Old-To-Watch  April 17, 2015

    Nice to see Jackie and Micky after their (to us) short break, but the story and the aliens…….well. I had the impression that this was actually the first story filmed and written, when no-one actually knew how any of the characters were going to be or act. It just gave the impression of lets-try-it-and-see. However, the Slitheen worked much better on the Sarah Jane adventures, and I think that’s where they should have been left. This and the next episode made you hide the fact you were a DW fan again.
    But thanks to Glen, I want to see Kenneth Williams as the Doctor with Barbara Windsor as Jo and Sid James as the Brigadier……and Frankie Howerd as Benton……….

  17. Derek Handley  April 17, 2015

    My main beef with this episode wasn’t the flatulent aliens (silly but no sillier than some of the things in the McCoy era) or the pig distraction (even though it reminded me of a League of Gentlemen plot line) but the direction and editing again. Sue nailed it – the whole set of cliffhangers doesn’t maintain tension because there are too many of them and they cut back and forth between them too much. The Slitheen reveals are slow too.

    But not an awful episode by any means. Fun.

    Favorite quote:
    Sue: This bit here, with him running down the corridor? Did they say “Just do it like Ross Kemp”? Because he’s doing it just like Ross Kemp.

    And a close second:
    Me: When I first saw this, I thought the pig had something to do with the Big Bad Wolf. You know, huffing and puffing the little pig’s house down.

    Have a great weekend, you two!

    • davecw  April 21, 2015

      And as Sue pointed out, this must be the first occasion in modern Who where all those cliffhangers became effectively pointless (in dramatic terms) because we were immediately shown in the “next week” trailer that everyone survived! Sure pleased they managed to pin that one down a little better in recent seasons

  18. Jason M.  April 17, 2015

    [Re: the running pig in the first scene Eccleston filmed] “Is this when Christopher Eccleston decided to leave?” LOL.
    Also, ouch, on the shooting Mickey in the back thing. That cuts way too close to home …

  19. Richard Lyth  April 18, 2015

    I’m with Neil on this one – way too silly for my liking, and with a nasty “all fat people are evil” subtext which is hardly a good message to send the kids. The first half of the episode is pretty good though, all the scenes around Rose’s return are handled well by all, and there’s a decent attempt at showing how humanity would handle first contact with aliens – it feels a bit like a first draft of Torchwood: Children of Earth, only way less intense. Pity it all goes downhill after the reveal of the pig in the spacesuit…

  20. Jon  April 19, 2015

    Good to read Sue’s sensible reactions to this good story (not perfect) with some many great memories. I really don’t get the hatred for farting aliens. Why shouldn’t aliens fart?)

  21. Robert Crowder  April 20, 2015

    Great blog, but am now reluctant to go anywhere in the North East for a bit, being responsible for Quatermass, Sue might have a cushion with my name on it.