Merry Christmas!

This seasonal update comes in two parts. The first part is an audio commentary that we’ve recorded to accompany the 2005 Children in Need Special (aka The Pudsey Cutaway) which acts as a prelude to the 2005 Christmas Special (which follows as a traditional blog).

You can skip the audio commentary if you like, but if you want to sync it to the visuals (it’s an extra on the Season 2 DVD box set) the first image you should ...

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The Scores

Here are Sue’s scores for Christopher’s stories:

Rose: “Proper Doctor Who.” – 10/10
The End of the World: “I could murder some chips.” – 8/10
The Unquiet Dead: “I bloody loved that.” – 9/10
Aliens of London / World War Three: “Loads of fun.” – 7/10
Dalek: “Brilliant.” – 10/10
The Long Game: “I’ll probably forget it tomorrow.” – 7/10
Father’s Day: “It really got to me.” – 10/10
The Empty ...

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The Doctor rescues Rose from the Daleks by audaciously materialising his TARDIS around her.

The Parting of the WaysSue: That was impressive. I can’t imagine one of the older Doctors trying something like that. He would have ended up in Aztec land or something.

It’s a setback for the Daleks, but a booming voice tells them to be patient.

Sue: Are you sure that isn’t Davros? Who else can it be?
Me: Well, you’ve definitely ...

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Me: You saw this episode before I did.
Sue: What? Are you sure about that?
Me: Quite sure. I was at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire watching Tangerine Dream in concert. You texted a massive spoiler to me 15 minutes into the gig.
Sue: That doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d do. Surely I would have waited for you to come home first.
Me: That’s what I thought too. But you didn’t. You said you couldn’t wait. That’s when ...

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An official is worried about Cardiff’s plans for an unstable nuclear reactor.

Boom TownMe: This is the first actor to appear in both the classic series and the new series, love. Can you remember –
Sue: No, I can’t. And I couldn’t care less, either. I mean, who gives a shit? Oh, and the director thinks he’s making The Searchers.

The Mayor of Cardiff is none other than Margaret Blaine.

Sue: Hang on a minute, ...

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First of all, sorry about the delay to this blog. I trapped a nerve in my neck, which is a lot more painful than it sounds, believe me. Also, do you remember how Nicol promised to watch this episode with us? Well, she buggered off to Norwich instead, which is almost as bad as going to Ipswich. Kids today, eh?

The Doctor DancesAnyway, after a fairly lengthy recap, the Doctor thwarts last week’s ...

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Nicol didn’t watch this episode when it was originally broadcast 10 years ago, so she’s agreed to watch it with us tonight.

The Empty ChildMe: Why didn’t you watch Doctor Who when it came back in 2005, Nic?
Nicol: Two words: Billie Piper.
Sue: (Mortified) But Billie Piper’s really good!
Nicol: I know that now. But when I was 16, Billie Piper was someone you liked when you were 11. You weren’t allowed ...

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Sue: I definitely remember this one, Neil. I can tell you what happens right now, if you like. I’m pretty sure I watched it more than once when we lived in the caravan, it was that good. And I didn’t even like Doctor Who back then.

Father's DayThis is the story of Pete Tyler.

Sue: He reminds me of Dennis Waterman. If they ever decide to bring back Minder, he’ll walk it.

Rose wants to ...

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The Doctor and Rose have taken Adam to a space station in the year 200,000.

The Long GameSue: What a dump! It looks like a bloody garage. If Rose wants to impress Adam so she can shag him later, she should have taken him somewhere nice, not a shit hole like this. I think the Doctor is jealous and he did this on purpose.

When Adam is presented with a spectacular view of Earth, ...

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Sue: Thank God Rob Shearman is in New York this week. He’ll be too busy worrying about his play to care about this blog.
Me: I bet he’s shitting himself. After all, you gave the Slitheen two-parter eight out of 10.
Sue: And?
Me: (Exasperated) Eight out of 10, Sue! That’s the same score you gave to Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Time Monster! Actually, forget I said anything.

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