The 1996 TV Movie on VHS
The VHS tape
sans shrink-wrap.


It has been brought to my attention that there was a midnight opening at the HMV in Newcastle in 1996 after all. This is how I took the news:

Me: Er, Sue. There’s a guy on Roobarb’s who swears he bought the TV Movie at a special midnight opening at the HMV in Northumbria street.
Sue: That’s nice, dear.
Me: So why wasn’t I there?
Sue: How the hell should I know?
Me: Well, I didn’t go because you told me that you rang HMV and they said they weren’t opening that night. Remember?
Sue: Did I? Oh… right. Was I working the next morning?
Me: Yes.
Sue: Oh, I see… Never mind, eh? It’s all water under the bridge now. Neil, why are you crying? Neil?

This will be corrected in subsequent editions of the book.