School in the 1970s
A rare moment where I had to spend time with the boys at school. I’m
seated on the far left, wishing I was being chased by girls pretending
to be the Wirrn.

And speaking of the Wirrn…

Me circa 1975
I was probably thinking about Tom Baker when this photo was taken.

Bossk, my favourite Star Wars action figure.

Palitoy Dalek
A red Palitoy Dalek.

Denys Fisher Tom Baker/Gareth Hunt Doll
The infamous Tom Baker/Gareth Hunt Denys Fisher doll.

Denys Fisher Cyberman
A Denys Fisher Cyberman – the only Cyberman with a nose.

War of the Daleks
War of the Daleks board game. Ruined in a day.

Weetabix cards
Doctor Who Weetabix cards, featuring one of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies,
Vega Nexos.

Talking K9
Palitoy’s talking K9. Rubbish.

Doctor Who underpants
The infamous Tom Baker Underpants.

Deer Park
1979 – the year I became a poster boy for a Deer Park.

Tom Baker drops a massive bombshell on Nationwide.