Part One

Sue: Eric Saward. Why do I know that name?
Me: He’s about to take over as script editor. Oh, and he wrote The Visitation.
Sue: Script editor?! How did that happen? The Visitation was rubbish!

The first episode of Earthshock begins on Earth.

EarthshockSue: These paintballers have some serious kit. They’ve got an Igloo tent for a start. I’ve always wanted an Igloo tent.

A marine named Scott (“He’s been in loads ...

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Part One

I select ‘Play All’ on the DVD. It’s how I get my kicks these days.

The story begins with a murder.

Sue: Blimey, this one isn’t messing around, is it? Straight in with a death; no pissing about. The editing isn’t very good, though. The gurgling noise doesn’t match the victim’s lips. Not a good start.

Meanwhile, Sarah Sutton is fast asleep.

Sue: Eh? Is Nyssa dreaming this? Are we on the TARDIS? What the hell is going on? Is this another trippy ...

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Part One

Yes, for the first time since The Three Doctors, Sue’s older brother, Gary, has decided to join us for an episode or two.

Sue: It’s 1982, Gary. How old would you have been?
Gary: 26.
Me: What were you doing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm, Gary?
Gary: If I told you that, you wouldn’t be able to print it.

Moving swiftly on.

Sue: Ahhh, wood. Lots and lots of wood. I love the historical stories, you know where you are ...

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Part One

KindaSue: Kinda.
Me: It’s Kinda, actually.
Sue: As in Kinder Surprise?
Me: Yes.
Sue: Why the weird titles all of a sudden? What happened to Planet of the Whatsits or The Whatsits of Doom? You know where you are with a title like that.

On the planet Deva Loka, all the stinky kids are chilling outside the TARDIS.

Sue: I thought Nyssa was supposed to be dead or something?
Me: No, she ...

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Part One

Four to DoomsdaySue: I’m sorry but I missed the title. I was distracted by Tegan.
Me: Tegan isn’t in the titles.
Sue: The cat, you idiot. So what’s this one called?
Me: Hang on, I’ll rewind it.
Sue: No, just tell me.
Me: Four to Doomsday.
Sue: I beg your pardon?
Me: Four to Doomsday.
Sue: Numbers or letters?
Me: Both.
Sue: Anything to do with Douglas Adams?
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Part One

Sue: Bloody hell, he’s still Tom Baker.
Me: We’ve never had a recap like this before.
Sue: Yes we have. We get them all the time.
Me: Not before the opening titles we don’t.
Sue: Oh yeah, I forgot about them.

Give me strength.

The Watcher merges with the Doctor.

CastrovalvaNyssa: So he was the Doctor all the time.
Sue: It doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s a very disappointing regeneration. And ...

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The moment had been prepared for: Nicol had already agreed to watch this story with us, what with her being a mathematician and everything, and because she was going away this weekend, we planned on watching all four episodes on Thursday. But when 8:30pm rolled around, and I reached for my New Beginnings box set, I was in for a shock: the Logopolis DVD was unplayable.

Me: ****ing entropy! That’s just ****ing typical!

What’s really odd is that I can’t remember throwing ...

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Part One

The Doctor and Adric are chilling out in N-space.

The Keeper of TrakenSue: Tom Baker is knackered. Is this the story where they had to re-perm his hair? He looks terrible.

The TARDIS is heading for an empire where everybody is terribly nice to each other.

Sue: Traken sounds lovely. Boring but lovely.

Adric doesn’t understand why the TARDIS has decided to orbit Traken. And neither does the Doctor.

Adric: Well, you ...

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Part One

Warriors' GateSue: Steve Gallagher. Why does that name ring a bell?
Me: You met him about 15 years ago. He came to our university to talk about scriptwriting. I think he was friends with Bryan and Mary Talbot.
Sue: Did you ask him a question about Doctor Who?
Me: No. I was too embarrassed.
Sue: That’s a shame. Oh well, I’m not worried about upsetting him. It’s not as ...

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Part One

State of DecayThe story begins with a castle overlooking a village.

Sue: Is this one going to be a period drama? We haven’t had one of those for ages.

Inside the castle’s Tower, Sue is immediately drawn to Aukon.

Sue: It’s Fish from Marillion.
Me: Are you insane?
Sue: If Fish had a beard and a wig he would be the spitting double of him. It’s uncanny – it’s the eyeliner ...

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