Part One

Me: Okay. This is it. This is the big one. Not only is this our 150th story, it’s the 25th anniversary story as well. This was a big deal back in 1988.
Sue: Ooh, that does sound exciting.
Me: Hold onto your hat!

I press Play.

Sue: Silver Nemesis. I wonder what that refers to.
Me: Go on.
Sue: Does William Hartnell come back again. Is that it?

Silver NemesisSilver Nemesis begins in Argentina.

Sue: ...

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Colin Baker continues to impress Sue in at least one TV show.

Sue: Colin’s lovely. He’s my tip to win. Colin doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. He’s the perfect gentleman, always comforting everyone around him. And he’s shedding plenty of weight, mainly thanks to Helen, although she did come good in the end. That was great telly by the way.

But watching I’m A Celebrity… comes at a price. Ant and Dec have revealed to Sue that the ...

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We watched the original broadcast version of The Five Doctors. Sadly, I couldn’t source an off-air copy with the Children in Need ticker running across the bottom of the screen. I hope this doesn’t invalidate the science at the heart of this experiment.

The Five DoctorsNicol: I’m not watching any William Hartnell with you. You can forget it.
Me: Be patient, Nicol.
Sue: Don’t worry, Nic. Neil’s promised me that ...

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Part One

Sue: Eric Saward. Why do I know that name?
Me: He’s about to take over as script editor. Oh, and he wrote The Visitation.
Sue: Script editor?! How did that happen? The Visitation was rubbish!

The first episode of Earthshock begins on Earth.

EarthshockSue: These paintballers have some serious kit. They’ve got an Igloo tent for a start. I’ve always wanted an Igloo tent.

A marine named Scott (“He’s been in loads ...

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Part One

Revenge of the CybermenSue: Is there anything I should know about this one before we begin?
Me: Only that this story was the first one to be released on video cassette by the BBC.
Sue: Any particular reason?
Me: Well, fans who attended the very first official Doctor Who convention at Longleat in 1983 were asked to suggest which story they’d like to see released first. And ...

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Because The Invasion is split across two DVDs, the menu screen leads Sue down the garden path.

The InvasionSue: Four episodes. Excellent.

I know that I’ll pay for it later, but I decide not to correct her mistake. That would be the same as slapping an innocent, smiling baby in the face. And that would be wrong.

Sue: Does it move?
Me: Yes.

Episode One

Sue: What the hell is this? I thought you said ...

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An anonymous benefactor sent us another little treat in the post – the latest reconstruction of this story, complete with very impressive CGI.

Episode 1

Sue: Oh, The Wheel in Space! I guess this must be a good one if you named the experiment after it.
Me: Er, well…

The story begins with the TARDIS breaking down on a deserted spaceship called the Silver Carrier. The Doctor removes the Time Vector Generator and it transforms his time machine into ...

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You’ll be pleased to hear that we didn’t watch any Doctor Who during our 12th wedding anniversary celebrations. Of course we didn’t. No, we watched an episode of Torchwood instead.

Me: Look! A complete story! On DVD and everything! Our first complete adventure with Patrick Troughton! How exciting is that?
Sue: The last time I was this excited about an episode of Doctor Who was when you showed me that Matt Smith trailer just a few minutes ago.
Me: I’ll tell ...

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Episode 1

Sue: I bet the Moon was very topical when this originally went out.
Me: Just a bit.
Sue: I’m not convinced by the Ronson hairdryers on their backs, and their helmets are steaming up something rotten. I notice that they’re using the same wires from The Underwater Menace. Are they trying to get their money’s worth out of them?

When a base commander informs us that we have arrived on the Moon in the year 2070, Sue sighs.

Sue: ...

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Episode 1

Sue: Yay! It’s The Tenth Planet! I know all about this one.

The Tenth PlanetIt’s time to come clean. It would have been fantastic if Sue had been oblivious to this story’s significance, but she wasn’t. I could have pretended it shocked her to her core but, alas, that isn’t what happened. Truth be told, she’s been looking forward to this one ever since we sat down to watch ...

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