Episode 1

Sue: This one has the Daleks written all over it. Even the titles look like a Dalek has written them. It’s so obvious.

The War MachinesWhen the Doctor complains about his irritable skin condition, which he only ever gets when Daleks are in the vicinity, Sue’s suspicions are confirmed. The Doctor then decides that something is up to no-good at the newly erected Post Office Tower (“It was probably ...

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Episode 1

The SavagesSue: I miss the individual episode titles.
Me: Already? But at least you know what the story is called without having to ask.
Sue: I can’t read it properly – the background is too white. What does it say? ‘The Sky Ages’?
Me: This is proper Doctor Who. Look, we’re in a quarry.

When the Doctor wanders off to take some readings with his Reacting Vibrator (“I’m surprised that ...

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A Holiday for the Doctor

The Gunfighters begins with a song.

Sue: This is an interesting way to start an episode. We’ve never seen anything like this before.
Nicol: This isn’t Doctor Who. What is this?

Sue’s daughter watched this episode with us – the first time we’ve allowed another human being to sit in on the experiment since the Simon Harries debacle. Putting classic Doctor Who on the telly is usually Nicol’s cue to slam the lid on her laptop before heading ...

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The Celestial Toyroom

Sue: Is there anything I should know about this before we begin?
Me: Well, a new producer has taken over the reins. He’s called Innes Lloyd and he’ll stick around a lot longer than the last one did. Another interesting fact is the Doctor Who Appreciation Society named their monthly magazine after the title of this episode.
Sue: Oh, in that case it must be good.

And that’s as positive as it gets as far as The Celestial Toymaker ...

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The Steel Sky

I’ve told Sue that The Ark is only two episodes long. I hope the risk to my personal safety is worth it.

Sue: At last, moving images again. And only two episodes as well. This should be a walk in the park.

The first thing we have to contend with is a Monoid.

Sue: That’s very sinister. Where’s its mouth?
Me: It doesn’t have a mouth.
Sue: It had better not talk, then. If I ever hear one talking, I’ll be ...

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