Part One

Sue: Terminus? I hope this story doesn’t take place in a bus station.

Sue loathes bus stations. And burnt toast. And pointless arguments concerning UNIT dating. But I digress.

The story begins with Turlough fiddling with the TARDIS.

Sue: It can’t be a good idea to put important electronics in a corridor, can it? What happens if the Doctor jettisons that corridor by accident one day? Shouldn’t anything important be in the control room? You don’t want to be running down a ...

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Part One

Two boys are admiring a vintage car that has been parked in the grounds of a school.

Mawdryn UndeadSue: Is this story going to be about upper class toffs? Oh well, that’s the BBC for you.
Ibbotson: This car is a classic, Turlough.
Sue: Turlough? I know that name; I’ve heard you mention him before so he must be a companion. But that means we’ll have three companions again! Did ...

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Part One

Sue: Snakedance… Sounds a bit rude.

After briefly glimpsing a Roger Dean album cover (“What the hell was that supposed to be?”), we join the TARDIS in flight. Sue’s jaw slackens in disbelief when Nyssa enters the console room dressed in a different outfit.

SnakedanceSue: Is that the best she could come up with after all this time? She’s had ages to think about what she was going to wear, and she ...

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Part One

Sue: Has Johnny Byrne written for Doctor Who before?
Me: Yes, The Keeper of Traken.
Sue: Shit. Oh well, I’m still looking forward to seeing the Doctor on his own for a change.
Me: What about Nyssa?
Sue: Oh yeah, I forgot about her.

The story begins on Gallifrey. Sue recognises the collar straight away.

Sue: Ooh, a Time Lord.

This particular Time Lord is conversing with a very mysterious figure.

Sue: Am I supposed to know who that is?
Me: Sort ...

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Part One

Sue: Peter Grimwade again? So he writes and directs at the same time, does he? Excellent.

Let’s see how long it takes her to work it out, shall we?

The story begins with Concorde in flight.

Time-FlightSue: Bloody hell, it must have cost the BBC a small fortune to film inside Concorde. Unless this is stock footage from an old British Airways training film. I can’t tell.

Suddenly, the plane disappears into thin air.

Sue: ...

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Part One

Sue: Eric Saward. Why do I know that name?
Me: He’s about to take over as script editor. Oh, and he wrote The Visitation.
Sue: Script editor?! How did that happen? The Visitation was rubbish!

The first episode of Earthshock begins on Earth.

EarthshockSue: These paintballers have some serious kit. They’ve got an Igloo tent for a start. I’ve always wanted an Igloo tent.

A marine named Scott (“He’s been in loads ...

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Part One

I select ‘Play All’ on the DVD. It’s how I get my kicks these days.

The story begins with a murder.

Sue: Blimey, this one isn’t messing around, is it? Straight in with a death; no pissing about. The editing isn’t very good, though. The gurgling noise doesn’t match the victim’s lips. Not a good start.

Meanwhile, Sarah Sutton is fast asleep.

Sue: Eh? Is Nyssa dreaming this? Are we on the TARDIS? What the hell is going on? Is this another trippy ...

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Part One

Yes, for the first time since The Three Doctors, Sue’s older brother, Gary, has decided to join us for an episode or two.

Sue: It’s 1982, Gary. How old would you have been?
Gary: 26.
Me: What were you doing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm, Gary?
Gary: If I told you that, you wouldn’t be able to print it.

Moving swiftly on.

Sue: Ahhh, wood. Lots and lots of wood. I love the historical stories, you know where you are ...

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Part One

KindaSue: Kinda.
Me: It’s Kinda, actually.
Sue: As in Kinder Surprise?
Me: Yes.
Sue: Why the weird titles all of a sudden? What happened to Planet of the Whatsits or The Whatsits of Doom? You know where you are with a title like that.

On the planet Deva Loka, all the stinky kids are chilling outside the TARDIS.

Sue: I thought Nyssa was supposed to be dead or something?
Me: No, she ...

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Part One

Four to DoomsdaySue: I’m sorry but I missed the title. I was distracted by Tegan.
Me: Tegan isn’t in the titles.
Sue: The cat, you idiot. So what’s this one called?
Me: Hang on, I’ll rewind it.
Sue: No, just tell me.
Me: Four to Doomsday.
Sue: I beg your pardon?
Me: Four to Doomsday.
Sue: Numbers or letters?
Me: Both.
Sue: Anything to do with Douglas Adams?
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