Part One

Nicol joined us for the first episode. Let’s listen in as Sue attempts to bring her daughter up to speed with the Black Guardian trilogy:

Sue: So the Doctor’s companions are Tegan – she’s Australian – and…
Nicol: I know who Tegan is.
Sue: And an alien called Turlough. He looks like a public schoolboy. It’s complicated. Anyway, Turlough is trying to kill the Doctor, but the Doctor doesn’t actually know that yet.
Nicol: How long has that been going ...

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Part One

Sue: Terminus? I hope this story doesn’t take place in a bus station.

Sue loathes bus stations. And burnt toast. And pointless arguments concerning UNIT dating. But I digress.

The story begins with Turlough fiddling with the TARDIS.

Sue: It can’t be a good idea to put important electronics in a corridor, can it? What happens if the Doctor jettisons that corridor by accident one day? Shouldn’t anything important be in the control room? You don’t want to be running down a ...

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Part One

Two boys are admiring a vintage car that has been parked in the grounds of a school.

Mawdryn UndeadSue: Is this story going to be about upper class toffs? Oh well, that’s the BBC for you.
Ibbotson: This car is a classic, Turlough.
Sue: Turlough? I know that name; I’ve heard you mention him before so he must be a companion. But that means we’ll have three companions again! Did ...

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Part One

Sue: Six parts? Bloody hell. Oh well, it is the last part of the Key to Time, so it has to be epic.
Me: You’ll be pleased to hear that The Armageddon Factor is our last six part story.
Sue: Honestly?
Me: Yes, I swear on our cats’ lives this is the last six part Doctor Who story broadcast on television.
Sue: If you are lying to me, I will kill you, and then I will feed you to ...

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