The TV Movie was the first brand new Doctor Who I ever watched with Sue, and she never missed another episode from that point on. So it seems appropriate to finish where we started, all those years ago. We have, of course, drezzzzed for the occasion. She’s wearing her Pip and Jane T-shirt and I’m wearing a bath robe with the collar turned up.

Sue: Before we start, does this count?
Me: For the last time – yes, it counts!
Sue: ...

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Part One

For the last time – and for one episode only – we are joined by Nicol and Sue’s brother, Gary.

Sue: Survival. That’s a funny title considering it’s the last one.
Nicol: Did they know it was the last one when they were making it?
Me: They suspected as much. The programme was living on borrowed time.

Nicol has stopped listening. She’s too busy laughing at an animatronic cat. Gary sighs deeply as he folds his arms a little tighter.

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Part Thirteen

The Trial of a Time Lord 13-14Sue: Yay! Robert Holmes is back. Thank heavens for that.

The Doctor wants to know who’s been tampering with the Matrix.

Sue: It’s him! The Valeyard bloke. It’s obvious.

Two capsules arrive on the Time Lords’ space station. One of them contains Sabalom Glitz.

Sue: Excellent.

The other contains Melanie Bush.

Sue: Is his mate dead? I liked him. I don’t understand this. How did they get here? How can Bonnie ...

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I'm A Celebrity...Before we tackled The Mark of the Rani, there were some surprises in store for us in the jungle. The first shock came on Friday night when it became clear that Colin Baker couldn’t wait to leave. The second shock arrived on Saturday when Sue saw Colin topless for the first – and hopefully last – time (“He needs Helen’s fake tan more than she does!”), and ...

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Part One

Sue: Ooh, we like Peter Grimwade, don’t we?
Me: Yes, he’s a very good director.
Sue: Excellent.
Me: But he didn’t direct this.
Sue: Oh. At least we’re on location. That’s good. This is a very impressive quarry, actually.

Two men are traipsing up a mountain in their pants.

Planet of FireSue: Blimey, he’s got a big packet…. Oh, no! It’s Rodney Bewes again! In a wig!
Me: Don’t worry, ...

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We watched the original broadcast version of The Five Doctors. Sadly, I couldn’t source an off-air copy with the Children in Need ticker running across the bottom of the screen. I hope this doesn’t invalidate the science at the heart of this experiment.

The Five DoctorsNicol: I’m not watching any William Hartnell with you. You can forget it.
Me: Be patient, Nicol.
Sue: Don’t worry, Nic. Neil’s promised me that ...

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Part One

Before you ask, yes, Sue knew The King’s Demons was only two episodes long. She could barely contain her excitement, in fact.

Sue: I’m especially looking forward to visiting Turlough’s home planet so we can get to the bottom of where he comes from, and what he was doing in that bloody school.

The story begins on 13th century Earth. In a nobleman’s hall, a feast is underway.

Sue: Turlough’s home planet isn’t what I was expecting. They appear to be stuck ...

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Part One

Sue: Peter Grimwade again? So he writes and directs at the same time, does he? Excellent.

Let’s see how long it takes her to work it out, shall we?

The story begins with Concorde in flight.

Time-FlightSue: Bloody hell, it must have cost the BBC a small fortune to film inside Concorde. Unless this is stock footage from an old British Airways training film. I can’t tell.

Suddenly, the plane disappears into thin air.

Sue: ...

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Part One

Sue: Bloody hell, he’s still Tom Baker.
Me: We’ve never had a recap like this before.
Sue: Yes we have. We get them all the time.
Me: Not before the opening titles we don’t.
Sue: Oh yeah, I forgot about them.

Give me strength.

The Watcher merges with the Doctor.

CastrovalvaNyssa: So he was the Doctor all the time.
Sue: It doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s a very disappointing regeneration. And ...

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The moment had been prepared for: Nicol had already agreed to watch this story with us, what with her being a mathematician and everything, and because she was going away this weekend, we planned on watching all four episodes on Thursday. But when 8:30pm rolled around, and I reached for my New Beginnings box set, I was in for a shock: the Logopolis DVD was unplayable.

Me: ****ing entropy! That’s just ****ing typical!

What’s really odd is that I can’t remember throwing ...

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