The Myth Makers

I’m going to shake up the blog’s format for this particular instalment. Instead of writing up my notes episodically, I’m going to tackle it as a single entry. The reason for this is simple, The Myth Makers passed the ultimate test and we watched it in one go. Sue insisted.

The first thing she praises is the programme’s audacious decision not to follow Mission to the Unknown with the next logical part of that story, and I mentally kick ...

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Four Hundred Dawns

My friend John Williams has kindly furnished me with all the recons I need to get us through the next few months, but his Loose Canon reconstruction of ‘Galaxy Snore’ leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like it’s been sourced from a 10th-generation VHS tape, with picture distortion, hissy sound and off-locks galore. In fact, it’s so piss poor, I seriously consider buying the remastered audio soundtrack on CD so we can listen to it in ...

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The Watcher

Sue likes it when the Doctor pines for his ex-companions, and she finds his anxiety about being left alone understandable and strangely humanising.

Sue: If he could just tone down the bloody, “Hmm hmm hmms”, he’d actually be okay.

When Steven staggers into the console room instead of a Dalek, which Sue thought was much more likely, she’s surprised and relieved.

Sue: I’m really pleased. Peter Purves was great in the last episode. I take it he’s in it for the long ...

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The Executioners

The Chase begins with a lengthy TARDIS scene, which warms the cockles of Sue’s heart.

Sue: I like this a lot. Everyone’s chilling out. It’s a relaxing Sunday afternoon on the TARDIS, and the kid is moaning to the grown-ups because she’s bored.

The gag about Ian’s book of monsters being too far-fetched goes down well, and, some wobbly camera work aside (“Did they install speed bumps in the studio?”), Sue laps up the witty repartee.

Sue: Are you sure this is ...

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The Space Museum

As I slip the DVD into our PS3, I sigh. Loudly.

Sue: That doesn’t sound very promising.
Me: Sorry. Ignore me. I don’t want to prejudice you in any way.
Sue: You already have. Give it to me straight: how long and how bad?
Me: It’s short. Four parts. The first part is pretty good, actually. As for the other three episodes, well, it’s incredibly tedious. And that’s hardly a spoiler. You’d have to be clinically insane to make ...

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The Lion

We had to watch this episode twice.

I’d love to tell you Sue adored it so much we decided to wallow in its glorious splendour again, but the sad truth is we had to re-watch it for an array of complicated reasons which I will bore you with now.

First of all, our mutual friend, Simon ‘Rula’ Harries, came to stay for the weekend, and late on Friday night I temporarily took leave of my senses and suggested he join us ...

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The Web Planet

The Web PlanetSue: Is the print damaged? It looks awful. Couldn’t they clean this one up?
Me: They have cleaned it up.
Sue: So why does it look like shit?
Me: Because they smeared a tub of Vaseline over the camera lens.
Sue: Vaseline? Are you joking?
Me: Fraid not. In fact, there’s a rumour that the DVD was delayed because they accidentally removed the blur when ...

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The Slave Traders

Sue: Have we skipped an episode?

Sue can’t believe yesterday’s cliffhanger has somehow resulted in a luxurious holiday for four in Italy.

Sue: Poor Susan. She would have loved this. It’s so unfair.

There’s a wonderful moment where Hartnell pretends to forget Ian’s surname, and the perfectly executed gag makes Sue laugh out loud.

Sue: Is it supposed to be a comedy?
Me: Yes, it is.
Sue: Seriously? This is a comedy?
Me: Yes, it’s a serious comedy. Just you wait and ...

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The Powerful Enemy

Things get off to a pretty good start with some excellent banter in the TARDIS. And then the Doctor accidentally asks Susan to open the doors.

Sue: Ah, bless him. I want to give the Doctor a big cuddle.

Barbara feels the same way, and when she carefully places herself in the role of surrogate granddaughter, Sue is genuinely touched.

Sue: That was really sweet. I’m glad they’re referring to it, too. I was worried that Susan would be swept under ...

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