We watched the original broadcast version of The Five Doctors. Sadly, I couldn’t source an off-air copy with the Children in Need ticker running across the bottom of the screen. I hope this doesn’t invalidate the science at the heart of this experiment.

The Five DoctorsNicol: I’m not watching any William Hartnell with you. You can forget it.
Me: Be patient, Nicol.
Sue: Don’t worry, Nic. Neil’s promised me that ...

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Episode One

Sue: Is this the fabled 10-parter I’ve heard so much about?
Me: It is, but don’t get fixated on that. The bigger news is there’s a new producer at the helm – Derrick Sherwin.
Sue: Bit of a strange time to take over the reins, isn’t it? That would be like the Moff producing David Tennant’s last story. How very odd.

The TARDIS crew are stumbling around a war-torn landscape.

Sue: They left the TARDIS as soon as it arrived – ...

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Episode One

Me: I hate to break it to you, Sue, but we’ve got some more recons to watch.
Sue: You’ve been putting this story off for ages. That’s always a bad sign.
Me: It’s got a terrible reputation, but this is still a big moment for me. Because once we get through The Space Pirates, I’ll have seen every single episode of Doctor Who. Well, as far it’s possible to see every episode of Doctor Who if you were born ...

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Episode One

Sue: It’s just the two of us again, just the way it should be.
Me: You should probably tell Gary to avoid any Doctor Who conventions for a while. Just until the fuss dies down.

The Seeds of Death takes place in the future. You can tell it’s the future because the guest cast are wearing underpants over their plastic jumpsuits. And that includes Commander Radnor.

Sue: He’s definitely shagging his colleague in the catsuit. Maybe I should start going to ...

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Episode One

Me: This is the first Patrick Troughton story I ever saw.

I tell Sue everything she needs to know about the BBC’s fabled Five Faces repeat season. And then I keep going.

Me: And thanks to Simon Harries, we’re watching the original off-air recordings! This is exactly how I would have seen this story in November 1981, when I’d just turned 12. Exciting, isn’t it?

When the title card appears, Sue cracks the obligatory gag.

Sue: Are you sure they aren’t called the ...

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Because The Invasion is split across two DVDs, the menu screen leads my wife down the garden path.

Sue: Four episodes. Excellent.

The InvasionI know I’ll pay for it later, but for now I decide not to correct her mistake.

Sue: Does it move?
Me: Yes.

Episode One

Sue: What the hell is this? You said it moved.
Me: It is moving! Look – their mouths are opening and closing and everything!
Sue: You ...

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Episode 1

Sue: Nice porno title. I bet the fans bought this DVD online. I can’t imagine a Doctor Who fan walking into a shop and asking for a copy of The Dominators.
Me: Then you aren’t mixing with the right Doctor Who fans, love.

The episode begins with a spaceship landing in a quarry.

The DominatorsSue: This reminds me of Lost in Space a bit. A cheap version of Lost in Space, ...

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An anonymous benefactor sent us another little treat in the post – the latest reconstruction of this story, complete with very impressive CGI.

Episode 1

Sue: The Wheel in Space. This must be good if you named our experiment after it.
Me: Erm, yes, well…

When the TARDIS breaks down on a deserted spaceship called the Silver Carrier, the Doctor turns his time machine into a regular police telephone box.

Sue: That’s a good anti-theft device.
Me: It’s preposterous! You ...

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