The Scores

Here are Sue’s scores for Pertwee’s stories in reverse order (and in transmission order when tied):

The Monster of Peladon: “Tedious.” – 2/10
The Daemons: “It didn’t know what it wanted to be.” – 4/10
The Curse of Peladon: “Peladon is a shit-hole.” – 4/10
The Mind of Evil: ” The Master is rubbish.” – 5/10
The Three Doctors: “I need to watch it again.” – 5/10
Planet of the Daleks: “Average.” – 5/10
Death to the Daleks: “The music killed it.” – 5/10
The Ambassadors of Death: “Too long!” – 6/10
Colony in Space: “It went a bit mad towards the end.” – 6/10
Frontier in Space: “I can’t believe it isn’t over yet.” – 6/10
The Claws of Axos: “This would definitely work today.” – 7/10
The Sea Devils: “One of the better Pertwees” – 7/10
The Mutants: “I enjoyed that.” – 7/10
The Time Warrior: “Just stick your finger in his vent!” – 7/10
Planet of the Spiders: “I won’t be disappointed to see him go” – 7/10
Inferno: “The alternative reality was fascinating.” – 8/10
Terror of the Autons: “Short. Colour. Nice.” – 8/10
The Time Monster: “A good end to the season.” – 8/10
Invasion of the Dinosaurs: “Quite edgy.” – 8/10
Doctor Who and the Silurians: “Excellent.” – 9/10
Day of the Daleks: “What’s not to like?” – 9/10
Carnival of Monsters: “Very good indeed.” – 9/10
The Green Death: “Very adult in places.” – 9/10
Spearhead from Space: “Wonderful.” – 10/10

The Podcast

And now, as promised, and in a change to the usual Q&A session, here is a very special Wife in Space Podcast:

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Sadly, we couldn’t use everything we received (the podcast would be more than 90 minutes long), so I’ve held some material back for another podcast I have planned for later. Sue was especially knocked out by the songs, and she has decreed that all the song writers should win a mug, so if you could please drop me a line with your address and mug of choice, I’ll do the rest.

And finally, a very special thanks to the two Pauls.