1) Tangerine Dream

My favourite album by the German electro pioneers – in full!

2) Cats and Dogs

Buffy the Bin-bag Slayer as a young pup.

Jack and Rose
Captain Jack and Rose as little kittens.

3) Jaws

My favourite scene from my favourite film.

4) Walking

On top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with my walking partner, Palma Carter.

Cyberman on Kilimanjaro
Here’s the Cyberman I left on the summit…

And here’s a trailer for a series of videos I made about the climb.

5) My PS3

My favourite game on the PS3 right now is
Grand Theft Auto 5. Incredibly,
Tangerine Dream composed the incidental music! Next stop: Tangerine Dream

6) My Friends

Talking about
Jaws with my friends John Williams and Simon Harries on Santa
Monica Pier.